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One That Got Away

(3rd in series “Real Real Estate”)

NARRATOR:     Referrals are the Life-blood of our Real Estate Business!
             These come from past customers/clients.
             They come from business organizations to which we belong.
             They come from community endeavours in which we participate.
             They come from neighbours or friends.
             They come from other Realtors we know from out-of-town...
             with whom we reciprocate business (referral fee agreed upon).

             The foregoing are Our Eyes and Ears for anyone considering
             to Buy or Sell. We cannot be omnipresent, although we try.
             This story began in early February 1996.

The players are:       Linda The referring Sales Representative
                                 Kimberly and James The Buyers (Purchasers)
                                 Cathy The Buyer Sales Representative

LINDA : Cathy, I have a really good referral for you! Kimberly and James 
have a home on Lake Erie which I have just sold, and conditional  only on              financing and they want to move to Burlington; they both work and have good      incomes, no children but 2 friendly dogs that go with them everywhere (except work). Maximum purchase price is probably about $180,000 and the closing date will be May 31st. Here is their telephone number; they will be expecting your call. Good Luck...and keep me posted.

CATHY: Thank you so much, Linda. Sounds like a wonderful couple to work with.
Shall we assume the usual “referral fee”?

NARRATOR: On February 14th,Cathy met with James in her office to show 
him a few properties on the computer which would satisfy their needs, interests and lifestyle. Conversation was generated in order to develop a good rapport
...including their dogs which constitute their family. She gave him picture print-outs so he could show them to Kimberly that evening.

JAMES: Cathy, I would like to drive by these addresses first, so if you can give me
a map and mark a “drive route” for me, I'll take time to do this today
to eliminate some...and see only those of interest to us.

CATHY: James, give me a call on the weekend so we can arrange appointments
next week for you to see these.

JAMES: That'll be Great! It's easier for me to preview these, then select 4 or 5
for Kim to see with me. She really trusts my judgement!

CATHY: James, I'd like to discuss Purchaser Agency Agreement with you which
ensures that I am working on Your behalf and will solely represent You in the purchase of your home. It also commits you to work directly with me. Would 
you please read through this Agreement with me and we can sign it together?

JAMES: I'm really more than satisfied with you, and I can see that you are keen to
find us a home. I'm totally dependent on you since you know the area So Well and I assure you that we will deal strictly with you. I really don't see the need to sign this. You have My Good Word!

NARRATOR: Cathy and James began an exchange of information on suggested properties by telephone and fax. They met again on February 20 and 24 to view
further homes of interest (approximately 5 or 6 each time).

CATHY: James, would you consider Waterdown? I suggest this because I can meet most of your home requirements within your price range; Waterdown is 
also a little closer for Kim's drive to Cambridge daily.

JAMES: We don't want to go to a small town. We feel we've been isolated long enough and want to return to normality and Enjoy City Life!!!

NARRATOR: Kim came with James on March 2 (Saturday) to view 4 homes he had selected form his previous times out.

CATHY: Kim, we've saved this one home until the last because it's located 
near  Highway 5 and nestled in Brant Hills on a quiet street. The lower level
is beautifully finished and includes a workshop for James. He is certain
you will Love It!

KIMBERLY: Cathy, I do love the house! It's perfect INSIDE and the back yard is gorgeous with its immense deck and gardens, but somehow I don't care for the OUTSIDE look of the house from the street. I'll need to think about this one.

CATHY: There are 1 or 2 ways you could improve its appearance which perhaps
will satisfy you. Try new landscaping with a tiered front garden and/or try
placing awnings on the upper windows and the living room window...awnings
that will allow light to filter through and not darken the interior.

JAMES: Kim, you are being So Picky! We're not going to find a PERFECT HOUSE! There is so much about this home that is Right for Us!

KIMBERLY: Cathy, you have an Open House this afternoon; I in the meantime 
we will take the dogs for a walk and have lunch. James and I will talk about an offer on this home. We'll see you at 4 pm at the end of your Open House.

NARRATOR: That afternoon, James and Kim didn't show up at Cathy's Open House, nor did they call her. In the evening, she tried to reach them, but could only leave a message on their home phone. No call on Sunday either, nor could
Cathy reach left a second message for them.

                           ...and on Monday came the answer...

JAMES: Cathy, I have some good news and bad news for you. Which shall I tell you first?

CATHY: Give me the bad news, so hopefully we can enjoy the good news!

JAMES: We didn't want to do this and we really intended to buy through you. 
On Sunday, we drove into Waterdown and saw a couple Open Houses. We
told the Sales Reps on site that we were dealing with you and that was just fine
with them. Then on leaving Waterdown, we saw another Open House on a
PRIVATE FOR SALE...thought we'd look at it anyway...probably wouldn't
even like we went in........

CATHY: to herself saying (Oh, No, No, No)...And then, what happened?

JAMES: The home had EVERYTHING we wanted and the location is great! 
We did tell the owner we were working with you, but he said, “I'll have 
nothing to do with realtors. They had my place for sale for several months
for $189,000 and didn't even bring me an offer. Now I've dropped it to
$179,000 ... there's no room left for real estate fees. So , if you want it...
you buy through me directly.

CATHY: Have you signed the offer yet?

JAMES: Our lawyer is drawing it up and we're returning to see the owner
tonight to sign it.

CATHY: James, the best I can tell you is that I'm pleased you found a home
you both like, but I regret I hadn't the opportunity to represent you
in the purchase.

JAMES: We do want to thank you so much for your work in Burlington and 
we did tell you we would not be interested in Waterdown. Linda could not have selected a better Sales Rep to act on our behalf. I felt we even became good friends! If we're ever in a position to recommend you to anyone, we'll be sure 
to do so.

CATHY: Good luck to you and Kimberly. I hope you enjoy your home!
(aside, she difficult it is, sometimes, to be sincere!)

NARRATOR: Later on Monday, Cathy called Linda to relate the foregoing events..

CATHY: news is not the Best...not what we had anticipated.

LINDA: You don't need to tell me; I already know. James called me last night
when they returned home. I advised them to call you themselves and
make apologies. We can't win them all...and as we say in our business...                                “Sometimes, Buyers are Liars!” 

Just remember to keep in touch with them, because one day they'll move again...and now ...”They Owe You Big Time!”

NARRATOR: Later that afternoon, a gorgeous flower arrangement arrived at Cathy's office. The entire staff was envious and thought it to be from one 
of her satisfied customers.

                                      The enclosed card said it all:
                                      We are SO SORRY!
                                      We never planned for this to happen.
                                      We hope these flowers
                                      will brighten your day!
                                       ...from Kim and James.

                 Every day, Cathy looked at her flowers and thought of them
                 as her Substitute Pay Cheque...which pays No Bills
                                    yet..the flowers were beautiful!


(Names have been changed to protect their identities)
I was actually Cathy in this playlet.

"Pearl of Wisdom"
Keep a green tree in your heart
and  perhaps a singing bird will come.
(Chinese Proverb)

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . re-composed December 19, 2011
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