Friday, January 13, 2012

Beyond Control

Sherrie has been a long time personal friend who was instrumental
in my decision to create ... “Merle's Kaleidoscope of Life”.
She has been to me, a great inspiration whose intellect and
philosophical outlook on Life impress me.

This article she wrote, so befitting, following
my publication of “Message from Clouds”.

Things Happen ... Often Beyond Our Control

        When I was a young child, I wondered all the time about the world. 
I spoke to strangers. I wandered off...often for a few hours. I experienced life 
in its fullest even then. I had very few restrictions and always felt free. 
However, looking back, I believe my parents were controlling me all the while with “Love and Understanding” all the time and that is what gave me this freedom...
plus my freedom-loving-personality-sign of being a Sagittarius. 
My parents were Gemini and Leo...both friendship signs for me.

Now, being the free spirit I really am, I also know if you are not in control, 
you can lose the most important things in life: good love, good education, 
good home and good job. They are all there, but you need to learn to control well...
or you can end up forfeiting all.

I am lucky in my life as I learned half way through, how to “control me”. 
I used to be the “CONTROLLED ONE”!  Yet, I discovered and knew a way 
to work around survive and be flexible. But now, I am learning to control listening and loving fully and with the belief that one can attract 
good things in life if one wishes to! It is not beyond your control if you are 
aware of your surroundings and what makes you tick. Being involved and 
fully engaged in the wonderful study and performance of Reiki,  First Degree, 
I am helping others every day!

My personality, I have studied personally and others who are intimately connected 
to me; that is how I have survived well. It's fun “knowing me” and what 
I am really here for. It took almost half my life and lots of travel 
and studying my true nature...but I have landed! My adventurous ways, 
being a Sagittarius, are tempered with my Chinese sign of an “Ox”. 
             I am so proud being me! I even know my Numerology! 
I recommend everyone to find this out about themselves as it's enlightening...
getting to know yourself...because, when you are free like this, you can help
and understand others. I am here to do this for you...
just let me know your Birth Date.

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . January 14, 2012
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  1. Merle,

    Goddess of Communication.
    Thankyou for posting my Experiences to others to help Light the Way. I am having an Amazing Day of Intent and Renewal of my Vows to the Universal Energy of Life.

    Love & Light Always to you,
    With Ultimate Gratitude,
    Sherrie xoxo

    1. Thank You...for your foresight and contribution to my Blog. Readers, I am confident will acknowledge that your writing will confirm the essence of my frequent postings,
      sensing the sincerity of your words.