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Goddesses ... Their Mystique

Goddess ... (a female deity)

A female is a being of supernatural powers and worshipped by people.
A female being is believed to be the “source of life”.
A woman who symbolizes beauty and grace is idealized by man.

In some cultures, goddesses are associated with Earth, Motherhood, Love 
and the Household. In other cultures, goddesses also rule over War, Death 
and well as Healing. Over centuries, numerous countries 
believed and maintained sacred concepts of “womanhood” to the scope of 
basing their daily lives on this type of worship and adulation.

In the present day, our knowledge of Goddesses originated with
and descending from Greek and Roman societies:
(there are many, including Gods)

Aphrodite:    Goddess of Love, Lust and Beauty.
Artemis:        Goddess of the Moon, Fertility, Childbirth and the Hunt.
                      She is the Protector of Children and maidens.
                      She is also a Virgin Goddess.
Athena:         Goddess of Crafts, Strategy, Wisdom and War.
                      Athena is also a Virgin Goddess.
Eris:              Goddess of Discord (chaos).
Hera:             Goddess of Family and Marriage.
                      She is the wife of Zeus and the Queen of Olympians.
Hecate:          Goddess of Sorcery, Crossroads and Magic.
Iris:                Messenger of the Gods.
Nike:              Goddess of Victory.
and others (too numerous to mention)

Every woman could use a little supernatural assistance now and then.
Do as the ancients did ... summon the Power of a Goddess!
Need money? Summon Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity).
Want to advance your career? Call upon Athena (Patron of Career Women).
Having a run of bad luck? Invoke Fortune (Roman Goddess of Good Luck).
For every dilemma, there was a Goddess ...
who had the Power you seek.

Today's World

The foregoing does not provide solutions for us in our daily world.
We must find the inner strength and wisdom within ourselves
to create a formidable presence.

Inner Beauty”, published in my October blogs, states that this is “The most important feature in our human being.” I have discovered that this is the secret 
in exuding the spirit and soul within us. All our actions in a day, draw from that “Inner Beauty”. When this hidden self-talent is personally realized, we can tap into its resources and become ~
The Women We Yearn to Be!
It is believed that,“Eyes are the window to the soul.”
How you Feel ... is reflected in the demeanour you present to others.
           Take a few seconds to “smile” before answering the telephone.
           When leaving home, are you “satisfied with your appearance”?
           Do you “wear a red suit” to feel empowered?
           Do you maintain a “positive attitude”?
           Do you “believe in yourself”?

At the beginning of every school year (also in early January), as a teacher, 
I instructed my students, challenged and requested they, “Do Their Very Best...Aim to Succeed...Perform to the Extent of their Ability!”
          If a student's mark of achievement indicated 97%....Wonderful!
                                  If 73%...Wonderful! If 60%...Wonderful!
The Potential of Greatness is Within Each of Us!”

The public has long been mystified by the Mona Lisa “smile” ~ 
Louvre Museum, Paris.
We marvel at the  Little  Mermaid who sits on a rock ~
in the Copenhagen, Denmark harbour.

Consider the suave and svelte bodies of models: Kate, Heidi, Tyra ... 
Linda, Elle or Evangelista...all whom we admire...and wish, wish, wish!

A few years ago, I bought a box of picture notes with images of reclining “Goddess” figures. The scene is a paradise setting with secluded cave-like opening to the outside world. She lay awake on her side...seductively covered with a few leaves and a sheer shawl. Her long flowing blonde hair skims 
over her shoulders and breasts. It is so easy to dream of this fantasy
... to be ... a living and vibrant Goddess!

Breakfast at Tiffany's” ... Lunch at “Royal Botanical Gardens”

A long-time friend and I recently began signing off our e-mails as Goddess M and Goddess S. Every month or 6 weeks we meet for breakfast at Russell Williams Restaurant which we have renamed! We are told by patrons and friends that we each exemplify: a gleaming personality, wearing of clothes that “make a statement”. We enjoy happiness in our lives (overcoming and minimizing the occasional difficulty we may encounter); inspiration to others; sharing of life philosophies; retirement from professions that were assets to our communities.
How Special to Have Such a Friendship!
(and to think that we met over 20 years ago at “Women Who Excel”
                                        (a business women's organization)

Recently in December, we celebrated Goddess S's Birthday with lunch at the RBG. She had purchased an outfit similar to mine when we had previously met 
at “Tiffany's” and suggested we dress alike in this stunning attire. Since this was a Goddess Birthday Celebration, I brought my tiara for her to wear, set upon 
her similar blonde hair. Photos were taken along the artistically Christmas decorated reception and walkway areas en route to the Garden Cafe. 
The ambiance was so superb, the wait staff so courteous, the menu so inviting! Jackson Triggs white wine accompanied our select lunch (shrimp and egg roll).           The chef provided a large slice of decadent rich chocolate cake
to honour the special event!

We were Treated like Queens ... We Felt like Goddesses ... because We Were!
A Wonderful and Unforgettable Celebration!


Pearl of Wisdom”
Birthdays are Good for You.
The More we have...the Longer we Live!

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written December 7, 2011
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  1. Merle, what a beautifull and artistic write-up - thoroughly enjoyed it. How fortunate to have a long-life friend like S. Am always enjoying reading your blogs which expands my knowledge everyday. Pary

    1. Truly grateful, I am for your comment. At first,
      considered the article too intention
      to give a little history of "Goddesses", then to
      bridge the gap between then and now.
      We "can be goddesses" depending on our attitude and have that power within us to achieve this status.
      Hope this encourages others to do likewise.

  2. Oh Goddess M , How you have surprised me with your rich and kind words about our precious Friendship. Maybe we were also friends in another life together as well discussing our world visions about our Children, Lovers and Friends and our mutual love of the world as it is. It's so good to know we are there and here for each other again sharing wonderful experiences this time and place in our lives.Goddess Twins we are in Spirit and Respect always for one another and being present to the future whatever that may be... Que Sera Sera !
    Goddess S xo

    1. Such uplifting words, Sherrie!
      Such prolific understanding of message
      conveyed in blog.
      Believe you should be my co-author!