Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Optimist's Creed

 (by Christian D. Larson)

          I Promise Myself

           to be strong … that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

          … to talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person I meet.

          … to make all my friends feel there is something worthwhile in them.

          … to look at the sunny side of everything and make  my optimism come true.
          … to think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect 
              only the best.

          … to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
          … to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements
              of the future.

          … to wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to any living
              creatures I meet.

          … to give so much time to inspiring myself that I have no time to criticize 

          ... to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and
              too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

          ... to think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
              not just in loud words, but in great deeds.

          ... to live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am
              true to the best that is in me.

Christian Daa Larson (1874 ~ 1962) was a New Thought leader and teacher,
as well as a prolific author or metaphysical and New Thought  books.
Many of his books remain in print today, nearly 100 years after
they were first published.

Of Norwegian descent, he was born in Iowa...attended Iowa State College
and a theological school (Unitarian) in Pennsylvania.  Larson relocated to
Cincinnati, Ohio in 1898.  In 1901, he organized the New Thought Temple
and began to publish books.

(Many thanks to Sherrie for sharing the foregoing
12 steps of wisdom, conducive to a happier life.)

The Hidden Secret:

Many have found inspiration in The Optimist's Creed.
In hospitals, this Creed has been used  to help patients recover from illness.
In locker rooms, coaches have used it to motivate their players.

How beneficial it is to have these positive views laid out before us!
Experiences over the years have taught many of us (including myself)
to discover, create and practise several of these philosophies (now personal
beliefs) to navigate a successful and healthy Life Path.

"Words of Wisdom"

Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from  your own actions. 
(Dalai Lama)

We shall never know all the good 
that a simple smile can do.
(Mother Teresa)

Mina Al-Ogaili, a grade 10 student from Iraq
recently told a Spectator reporter,
"Every day is a new beginning!"

All I have is contentment and joy ~
and every day is an adventure.  Life is Good!
(Nellie Goodale...a Hamilton resident
turning 105 years young in Feb. 2013)

Merle Baird-Kerr... written January 30, 2013
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Religious Humour

 An ardent reader recently sent me this first story
which fits well with todays type of humour:

Catholic Horses:
(A "punter" is  ~ one who punts a football
                         one who is a speculator in the stock market
                         one who oars, propels or poles a punt (pontoon)
                         one who is a gambler...amateur on horse racing)
A punter was at the horse races, playing the ponies, and all but losing
his shirt. He noticed a Priest, dressed in his religious robes, step on the 
track and blessed the forehead of one of the horses lining up at the 4th race. 
 Lo, and behold ~ that horse ~ a long shot ~ won the race.

Next race, as the horses lined up, the Priest stepped on the track.   
Sure enough, he blessed one of the horses.  The punter made a beeline 
to the betting window and placed a small bet  on the horse.   
Again, even though it was another long shot", the horse won the race.

He collected his winnings and anxiously waited to see which horse the 
Priest would bless next.  He bet BIG  on itand it won!  As the jockey 
races continued, the Priest kept blessing long shots and each one 
ended up winning. 

The punter was elated!  He made a quick dash to the ATM, withdrew all 
his savings and waited for the Priests blessing that would tell him upon 
which horse to bet. True to his pattern, the Priest stepped on the track for 
the last race and blessed the forehead, the eyes, ears and hooves of the 
old nag.  The punter knew he had a winner and bet every cent  he owned 
on the old nag.

He intently watched, dumbfounded as the old nag came in last.   
In a state of shock, he went to the track area where the Priest sat.   
Confronting Him, he demanded “Father!  What happened?   
All day long  you blessed horses and they all won!
Then at the last race, the horse you blessed, lost by a mile!   
Now, thanks to you, Ive lost every cent of my savings!

The Priest nodded wisely and with sympathy.
Son, he said, thats the problem with  you Protestants. 
You cant tell the difference between a simple blessing and the
 last rites!

 The Confession:

A married Irishman went into the confessional and said to the priest, 
I almost had an affair with another woman.”

The priest asked, “What do you mean...almost?”

The Irishman replied, “Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then 
I stopped.

The priest stated, “Rubbing together is the same as putting it in.  You're not to see 
that woman again!  For your penance, say five Hail Mary's and put $50
 in the poor box.”

The Irishman left the confessional and said his prayers; then walked over to the 
poor box. He paused for a moment and then started to leave.

The priest, who was watching, quickly ran over to him saying, “I saw that!   
You didn't put any money in the poor box!”

The Irishman replied, “Yeah, but I rubbed the $50 on the box,  and according 
to you, that's the same as putting it in!”

Lemon Squeeze

There once was a religious young woman who went  to Confession.  
Upon entering the confessional, she said, “Forgive me, Father, 
 for I have sinned.”

The priest said, “Confess your sins and be forgiven”.

The young woman commented further, “Last night my boyfriend made made 
passionate love to me seven times.”

The priest thought long and hard and then stated, “Squeeze seven lemons 
into a glass and then drink the juice.”

The young woman asked, “Will this cleanse me of my sins?”

The priest said, “No, but it will wipe that smile off your face.”

A Nun at Hooters

A nun, badly needing to use the restroom, walked into a local Hooters.   
The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once 
in a while, the lights would turn off.  Each time the lights would go out, 
the place would erupt with cheers.

However, when the revellers saw the nun, the room went dead silent.   
She walked  to the bartender, and asked, “May I please use the restroom?”   
The bartender replied, “OK, but I should warn you that there is a statue of a 
naked man in there wearing only a fig leaf.”
“Well, in  that case, I'll just look the other way,” said the nun. 
So the bartender showed the nun to the back of the restaurant.

After a few minutes, she came back out...and the whole place stopped just 
long enough to give the nun a loud round of applause.  She went to the bartender 
and spoke, “Sir, I don't understand.  Why did they applaud for me just because 
I went to the restroom?”

“Well, now they know you're one of us,” said the bartender.   
Would you like a drink?” 
“No thank you, but I still don't  understand,” said the puzzled nun.

“You see,” laughed the bartender, “every time someone lifts the fig leaf 
on that statue, the lights go out. 

“Now, how about that drink?”

Strange Floater

Miss Bea was in her 80's and much admired for her sweetness and kindness 
to all. The pastor came to call on her one afternoon early in the Spring and she 
welcomed him into her Victorian parlour.  She invited him to have a seat while 
she prepared a little tea.

As he sat facing her old  pump organ, the minister noticed a crystal glass bowl
 sitting on top of it filled with water.  In the water floated, of all things, a condom.

Imagine his shock and surprise. Imagine his curiosity; surely Miss Bea 
had flipped!  But he certainly couldn't mention the strange sight in her parlour.

When she returned with tea and cookies, they began to chat.  The pastor tried to 
stifle his curiosity about the bowl and its strange floater, but soon it got the 
best of him, and he could resist no longer.

“Miss Bea,” he said,”I wonder if you would tell me about this,”  pointing to the bowl.

“Oh, yes,” she replied, “Isn't it wonderful?  I was walking down town last fall 
and I found this little package.  It said to put it on your organ and keep it wet, 
and it would prevent disease.  And you know, I think it is working.  
 I haven't had a cold all winter.”

Adam's Underwear

A little boy opened the big family Bible.  He was fascinated as he fingered 
through the old pages. Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible.   
He picked up the object and looked at it. What he saw was an old leaf 
that had been pressed between the pages.

"Mama, look what I found," the boy called out.
"What have you got, dear?" she inquired.
With astonishment in the young boy's eyes, he answered, "Adam's underwear!"

“Pearl of Wisdom”
The old believe everything.
The middle age suspect everything.
The young know everything!
(Oscar Wilde)

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written October 30, 2011
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teens and Telephones


When my daughter was a teenager, she spent considerable evening  hours
on the telephone (following completion of assigned homework). 
Because I was in a busy realty business and frequently receiving home calls from
my office and clients, I needed ready access to  my residential telephone. 
It was then, I discovered the benefit of “Call Waiting” which she respected...
failing which she'd find herself without telephone access for a period of time. 
How can a teenage girl “exist” without hourly contacts with friends???
This new technology was a boon to our situation.  She was allowed only until
10 pm to telephone out or receive calls on “school nights”.

Jump forward to today:  Our world in North America just cannot exist...
for teens and adults alike...without cell phones, i- pads, i-pods,
bluetooth and others...many with abilities to  tweet or text messages, take photos,
play music, etc. In many cases, these “tech devices” have become not only
obsessive…also addictive! They are carried constantly  and used at any place
and at all hours of the day. It is the NORM...whether in company of others or
while dining, shopping, during meetings or along the streets and in vehicles
~ often very disrespectful of other persons! seems...are the good manners instead...that should govern our lives!

Mom Goes Viral With Son's Phone Code of Conduct

This article was published recently in the daily Republican American
in Waterbury, Connecticut...(a newspaper member of the Associated Press).

NEW YORK ~ Janell Burley Hofman honored her 13-year-old son's “maturity and
growth” at Christmas with his first i-Phone but it came with strings attached.

Eighteen strings, to be exact, in a written code of conduct that placed the mommy
blogger at the center of the debate over how parents should handle technology
in the hands of their teens, especially younger ones just entering the frenetic world
of social networks and smart-phones.

Thousands of people, including those bemoaning too much helicopter parenting,
commented and shared the funny, heartfelt agreement posted at the holiday by the
Cape Cod, Mass., mom of five.  The interest crashed her website and led her to
appear with her eldest, Gregory, on morning TV.

She included caveats that some parenting and tech addiction experts consider
crucial in easing new entrants onto Facebook, Instagram and shiny new
mobile devices:  e.g.

You must avoid hurtful texts and porn and pay for a replacement if your phone
“falls into the toilet, smashes on the ground or vanishes into thin air.”
 Of the latter, Hofman advises her teen, “Mow a lawn, shovel some snow,
 stash some birthday money.  It will happen, you should be prepared.”

Hofman said in an interview that she decided on the contract as she pondered 
the power of the technology she and her husband were about to plop into 
their son's  world. She was looking for a way to be present in his phone use 
without being a “creeper” ( his word for stalking, spying parents).

She wasn't surprised that her list, which Greg agreed to, resonates with 
other parents. It also resonates with psychologist David Greenfield, 
a technology  addiction specialist in West Hartford, Connecticut.

“We have ritualized the gift of the smart phone,” he said, “yet many parents
 don't have the know-how, stomach, time or interest  in activity guiding kids 
when they first jump into digital life.  For some parents, it's only when things
 go horribly wrong thatattention is paid.”

He knows of parents who have gone so far as to jam all Internet and cellphone 
signals  at home when they couldn't get their kids to power down.   
Greenfield recommends contracts  like Hofman’s, if parents follow through.

Mom's Rules For The Phone
(edited for length)

          It is my phone.  I bought it.  I pay for it.  I am loaning it to you.
          Aren't I the greatest?

          I will always know the password.

         If it rings, answer it.  It is a phone.  Say hello,use your manners.  Don't ever
         ignore a call if the the screen says “Mom”  or “Dad”.  Not ever!

         Hand the phone to one of your parents promptly at 7:30 pm every school
         night, and at 9 pm every weekend night.  It will be shut off...and turned on
         again at 7:30 am. If you would not make a call to someone's land line, 
         wherein their parents may answer first, then do not call or text.  Listen to 
         those instincts and respect other families like we would like to be respected.

          It does not go to school with you .  Have a conversation with the people 
          you text  in person.  It's a life skill.

          ...You are responsible for the replacement costs or repairs.

          Don't use this technology to lie, fool or deceive another human being.
          Don't involve yourself in conversations that are hurtful to others...

          Do not text, e-mail, or say anything through this device you wouldn't say
          in person.

          No porn.

          Turn it off, silence it, put it away in public.  Especially in a restaurant, 
          at the movies, or while speaking  with another human being.   
          You are not a rude person; do not allow the i Phone to change that.

          Don't send or receive pictures of your private parts, or anyone else's 
          private parts. Don't laugh.  Someday  you will be tempted to do this 
          despite...your high intelligence. It is risky and could ruin  
          It is always a bad idea.

          Don't take a zillion pictures and videos.  There is no need to document
          everything. They will be stored  in your memory for eternity.

          Leave your phone home sometimes and feel safe and secure in  your 
          decision. Learn to live without it.  Be bigger and more powerful 
          than FOMA ~Fear Of Missing Out!

          Download music that is new or classic or different than the millions 
          of your peers that listen to the exact same stuff.  Your generation has 
          access to music like never  before in history.  Take advantage of that gift.   
          Expand your horizons.

          Play a game with words or puzzles or brain teasers every now and then.

          Keep your eyes up.  See the world happening around you...

          You will mess up. I will take away your phone.  We will sit down and talk
          about it.  We will start over again.  You and I, are always learning.  
          I am on your team. We are in this together.

Following the reading of the foregoing, I was observant of all ages using these
modern pieces of unacceptable times.  From my viewing:

..a woman talking on hand-held phone while driving her Mercedes
...another woman talking on her CT while standing in grocery checkout line
(all people in front, behind and at counter hearing her “what seemed
unimportant conversation”)
...teenage boy talking on CT while riding his bike in traffic adult man answering his CT while in company of several persons...and walking
away from them without apology
...while viewing a movie in theatre, a person  nearby answering his CT
...three or four teen girls riding on a bus all texting & talking to friends on their cells
...hostess at home, answering telephone while sitting at dining table with guests

Words of Wisdom

In youth, the days are short and the years are long.
In old age, the years are short and the days are long.
(Nikia Panin)

Merle Baird-Kerr...written January 18, 2013
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boosts for a Fun, Healthier 2013

Experts at the Cleveland Clinic recently shared tips
for happier and healthy living in 2013.
They are still healthy...just a little more fun, too.

Eat more chocolate:  Research has shown eating chocolate can increase
blood flow to the brain, decrease the impact of heart disease and even fight
depression. Eat in moderation, though.  Just 6.7 grams of chocolate a day
or roughly a small square of chocolate two or three times a day are enough
to provide  health benefits.

Dance:  Dancing burns calories, reduces stress,  strengthens muscles and bones
and can improve relationships.  So whether  you're grabbing a partner or dancing
with yourself, shake a leg ~ along with the rest of your body.

Get out of your comfort zone:  Stimulate your brain by trying something new,
such as learning phrases in a foreign language, attempting a puzzle or enrolling
in a class.  Your brain needs exercise too.

Take a mental time out:  We all take sick days when physical illness
strikes, but unchecked  stress and depression also can have negative effects
on  your health, including heart disease and anxiety. 
Use a vacation or personal day when you really need it and do something
you find relaxing.

Drink coffee:  According to the Cleveland Clinic, research has shown drinking
two or  more three 8-ounce cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of
Parkinson's disease by as much as 40 percent and Alzheimer's disease by up to
20 percent.  Remember, though, moderation is the in chocolate.

Go shoe shopping:  For women, replace high heels with shoes with a thicker
heel that's 2 ¼ inches or less in height.  The Cleveland Clinic also recommends
opting for square-toed shoes rather than pointy-toed versions.  To be certain of a
good fit, try shoes on at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest.

Laugh:  Research is not definitive on whether “laughter is the best medicine”,
but studies have shown laughter's positive effects on blood flow and sleep,
among other things.  A little more humour in your life can't hurt!

(The foregoing are excerpts from the Akron Beacon Journal)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I strongly advocate Creativity
as a further...Boost for a Fun, Healthier 2013.
(from the Mother Nature Network)

Want to Boost Your Creativity?
Take a Hike on the Wild suggests.

Have you ever felt mentally refreshed after a long walk or hike? 
If so, you're not alone.
A team of scientists has proven that getting back to nature ~
and away from all of our ever-present personal electronics ~
helps people perform significantly better on creativity.

It wasn't just short walks that did it, though. 
The scientists followed 56 backpackers who took four-to-six-day-wilderness trips
in Alaska, Maine, Colorado and Washington. The participants all left their
electronic devices behind before leaving on their journeys.

“We show that four days of immersion in nature,
and the corresponding disconnection from multimedia and technology,
increases performance on a creativity, problem solving task by a full 50 percent,”
 the scientists  write in their paper, published Dec. 12th in the journal PLOS One.

A coauthor professor of psychology at the University of Utah,
stated that this study “provides a rationale for trying to understand
what is a healthy way to interact in the world, and that burying yourself
in front of a computer 24/7 may have costs that can be remediated by taking
...a hike in nature.”

Mother Nature Network covered this study last May,
before it had been peer-reviewed for publication. 
Lead author told the Wall Street Journal,

“There's a growing advantage over time to being in nature. 
We think that it peaks after about three days
of really getting away, turning off the cellphone, not hauling the i Pad
and not looking for Internet coverage. 
It's when you have an extended period of time surrounded by
that softly fascinating environment... that you start seeing
all kinds of positive effects in how your mind works.”

The researchers gave the hikers tests that would demonstrate their creativity and
problem-solving abilities.  Out of 56  hikers, 24 of them sat down the morning
before their backpacking trip to take a 10-item creativity test.  The remaining  32
participants took the same test  in the morning of the last day of their hikes ~
an “in the wild”  element that the researchers say is unique to this study. 
The first group  had an average score of  4.14 on the test.  The second group,
which had been hiking, scored an average of 6.08.

It was not designed to determine if the increase in creativity
came from the immersion in nature or the four-day break
from phones and computers, but it does support earlier research
that showed…long hikes can improve concentration.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Words of Wisdom"
(from Mike Mattiacci, a Mortgage Broker acquaintance)

Essence of Success and Happiness
Successful are the persons...who have lived well,
laughed often and loved much...
who gained the respect of children...
who leave the world a better place  than they found it...
who have never lacked appreciation for the earth's beauty...
who never fail to look for the best in others
or to give the best of themselves.

Merle Baird-Kerr...written January 20, 2013
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Religious Humour II

 God had Problems, Too

God created Children ... and in the Process, Grandchildren.

To those of us who have children in our lives
whether they are our own Grandchildren, Nieces/Nephews or students,
here is something to make you chuckle.

Whenever your children are out of control, you can take comfort 
from the thought that even God's omnipotence did not extend to His own children.   
After heaven, and  earth, God created Adam and Eve.   
And the first thing  he said was, “DON'T”!

“Don't What?” Adam asked.
“Don't eat the forbidden fruit,” God said.
Adam spoke, “Forbidden fruit?  We have forbidden fruit? Hey Eve,
we have forbidden fruit!” “No Way!” stated Eve. “Yes, Way!” responded Adam.
“Do NOT eat the fruit!” God said.  “Why?” asked Adam.
“Why? Because I am your Father and I said so,” God replied, wondering why
He hadn't stopped creation after making elephants.

A few minutes later, God saw His children having an apple break
and He was ticked!
“Didn't I tell you NOT to eat the fruit?”, God asked.
“Uh, huh,” Adam replied.  “Then why did  you?”, enquired the Father.
“I don't know,” said Eve. 
“She started it!” Adam shouted. “Did not,” argued Eve.  “Did too,” argued Adam.
“DID NOT!”, finalized Eve.

Having had it with the two of them, God's punishment was 
that Adam and Eve  should have their own children.   
Thus the pattern was set and it has never changed.

If you have persistently and lovingly tried 
to give your children wisdom,
and they  haven't taken it ... don't be hard on yourself.

If God had trouble raising children,
what makes you think it would be a piece of cake for you?

Pearl of Wisdom
Happiness is having a large, loving, caring
close-knit familyin another city.
(George Burns)

Kids in Church

                               3-year old Reese:  Our Father, Who does art in heaven,
                                                               Harold is his name.

A little boy was overheard praying,
“Lord, if you can’t make me a better boy, don’t worry  about it.
I’m having a good time like I am.”

After the christening of his baby brother in church,
Jason sobbed all the way home in the back seat of the car.
His father asked him three times what was wrong.
Finally, the boy replied,
“That preacher said he wanted us brought up in a Christian home,
and I wanted  to stay with you guys.”

One particular four-year old prayed,
“And forgive us our trash baskets
As we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”

A Sunday school teacher asked  her children
as they were on the way to church service,
“And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”
One bright little girl replied,
“Because people are sleeping.”

A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin 5 and Ryan 3.
The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake.
Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral reason.
“If Jesus were sitting here, He would say,
“Let my brother  have the first pancake, I can wait.”
Kevin turned to his younger brother and said,
“Ryan…you be Jesus!”

A father was at the beach with his children.
when the four-year old son ran up to him,
grabbed his hand and led him to the shore
where a seagull lay dead in the sand.
“Daddy, what happened to him?” the son asked.
“He died and went to Heaven,” the ‘Dad replied.
The boy thought a moment and then inquired,
“Did God throw him back down?”

A wife invited some people to dinner.
At the table, she turned to their 6-year old daughter and said,
“Would you like to say the blessing?”
“I wouldn’t know what to say,” the girl replied.
“Just say what you hear Mommy say,” the wife answered.
The daughter bowed her head and began,
“Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?”

Irish Alzheimer's

Murphy showed up at Mass one Sunday morning and the priest almost 
fell down when he saw him.  He'd never been to church in his life.   
After Mass, the priest caught up with himand said, “Murphy, I am so glad 
ya decided to come to Mass. What made ya come?”

Murphy said, “I got to be honest with you Father. A while back I misplaced my hat.  
I know that  McGlynn had a hat just like mine and I knew he came to church every 
Sunday.  I also knew that he had to take off his hat during Mass 
and figured he would leave it in the back of the Church.   
So I was going to leave after Communion and steal McGlynn's hat.”

The priest said, “Well,  Murphy, I notice that ya didn't steal McGlynn's hat.   
What changed your mind?”

Murphy replied, “Well, after I  heard your sermon on the Ten Commandments, 
I decided that I didn't need to steal  McGlynn's hat after all.”

With a tear in his eye, the priest gave Murphy a big smile and said, 
“After I talked about 'Thou Shalt Not Steal', ya decided you would rather do 
without your hat than burn in Hell?”

Murphy slowly shook his head.  “No, Father, after ya talked about  
'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery', I remembered where I left my hat!”

Moose Steak!
While Newfie's Some Smart, You Can't Outsmart Us!!!

Each Friday night after work, sun, snow or rain, Victor, being Newfie 
would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a moose steak.  But all Victor's 
neighbours  were Catholic.  And since it was Lent, they were forbidden 
from eating meat on Friday.

The delicious aroma from the grilled moose steaks was causing such a problem 
for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest.   
The priest came to visit Victor...and suggested that he become a Catholic.   
After several classes and much study, Victor attended Mass...
and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, he said,
You were born a Protestant and raised a Protestant,
but now you are a Catholic.

Victor's neighbours were greatly relieved until Friday night arrived...
and the wonderful aroma of grilled moose filled the neighbourhood.   
The Priest was called immediately by the neighbours...and as he rushed into 
Victor's yard, clutching a rosary and prepared to scold him, he stopped 
and watched in amazement.

         There stood Victor, clutching a small bottle of holy water which 
he carefully sprinkled over the grilling meat and chanted: 
You wuz born a moose, you wuz raised a moose,
but now you is a Codfish!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Pearl of Wisdom”
Each challenge adds to the suspense, adds to the mystery
adds to the chaos, adds to the possibilities, adds to the romance
adds to the adventure, adds to the joy!
I say that anything that adds to the joy, should be embraced.
(from The Universe)

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written February 23, 2012
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Saturday, January 12, 2013



William Barker relates the story of a bishop from the East Coast, who many
years ago, paid a visit to a small, Midwestern religious college.  He stayed at
the home of the college president, who also served as professor of physics and
chemistry.  After dinner, the bishop declared that the millennium couldn't be far
off, because just about everything about nature had been discovered and all
inventions conceived.

The  young college president politely disagreed and said he felt there would be
many more discoveries.  When the angered bishop challenged the president
to name just one such invention, the president replied he was certain that
within fifty years, men would be able to fly.

“Nonsense!” sputtered the outraged bishop.  “Only angels are intended to fly.”

The bishop's name was Wright and he had two boys at home who would prove
to have greater vision than their father.  Their names were Orville and Wilbur.
                       The father and his sons both lived under the same sky,
                               but they didn't all have the same horizon!

                             This writer from SUCCESS Magazine...asks:
                                                  How can this be? 
                         Why is it that two people can be in the same place
                      at the same time and both see entirely different things?

                                                          It's simple. 
We see what we are prepared to see, not what is. Every successful leader
                     understands this about people and asks three questions.

                                                  What  do others see?
                                                  Why do they see it that way?
                                                  How can I change their perception?

One Great Salesman

Most of us think of Christopher Columbus as a great discoverer, but he was also
a great leader and salesman.  Before he could begin  his voyage of discovery
that changed the world, he had to see what, to his contemporaries, was an
utterly ridiculous  idea!  And that was so no “one call” sale!  Consider the
circumstances  and conditions that were stacked against him.

First:  There was absolutely no market for a transatlantic voyage.
           And hundreds of years of tradition and superstition practically
           guaranteed there never would be.

Second:  Although Columbus had made sea voyages as a passenger,
               he had never been captain of a ship.

Third:  Columbus was a foreigner (an Italian) living in Portugal
            and then in Spain.

Fourth:  Columbus did not have sufficient money to fund such an adventure.
               In fact, the only one who could legally fund a voyage of discovery,
               was a head of state ~ a king or queen.  So his prospect list of
               benefactors was rather short.

Fifth:  His price was not cheap.  In addition to needing ships and support,
           Columbus had a long life of personal demands, including...
            A 10% commission on all commerce between his discoveries
            and the mother country.
            A title ~ Admiral of the Ocean Sea.
            The permanent position of governor of all new territories
            All of his honors and rights passed on to his heirs.

Remarkably, Columbus made the sale and did it on his own terms!
Modern sales people could learn a lot form Columbus's sales techniques.
He was propelled by a single-minded passion.
He wholeheartedly believed he could reach Asia by crossing the Atlantic.
(Even though his belief was wrong, it gave him the stamina, the conviction
and confidence to convince others.)
He never stopped selling!
He didn't mind asking for the order again and again and again!

He spent seven years asking King John of Portugal to fund the voyage.
Then he went to Spain and worked on Ferdinand and Isabella for
seven more years before he finally got his Yes!

Columbus had to see...before  he could sail.
Any successful person  knows this truth.
People must buy into You...
before They buy into your Dreams!

Words of Wisdom from Einstein:
I am thankful to all those who said, “NO” to me.
It is because of them, I did it myself!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Complete” or “Finished”

No dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between
“Complete” and “Finished”.  However, in a recent linguistic conference held
in London, England, and attended by some of the best linguists in the world,
Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese, was the clear winner.

His final challenge  was this:  Some say there is no difference between
COMPLETE and FINISHED.  Please explain the difference between
these two a way that is easy to understand.

“Sam” thought about it a minute, then rendered this astute answer:
“When you marry the right woman, you are Complete!
But when you marry the wrong woman, your are Finished!
And when the right one catches you with the wrong one,
you are Completely Finished!”

His answer was received with a standing ovation lasting over five minutes and it
entitled him to receive an invitation to dine with the Queen, who decided to
call him  after the contest.  He won a trip to travel around the world in style
and a case of 25-year-old-Eldorado Rum...for his answer.

                                                                      "Pearls of Wisdom"

                                              The Winner is always a part of the answer.
                                              The Loser is always part of the problem.

                                              The Winner always has a program.
                                              The Loser always has an excuse.

                                              The Winner says, “Let me do it for you.”
                                              The Loser says, “That’s not my job.”
                                              The Winner sees an answer to every problem.
                                              The Loser sees a problem in every answer.

                                              The Winner says, “It may be difficult, but it’s possible.:
                                              The Loser says, “It may be possible, but its too difficult.”

Merle Baird-Kerr...written December 31, 2012.
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