Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend

 Spring Musings...and a Butterfly Came

                                             Weather-perfect...on this Sunday in May.
                                              Rays of warm sun burst through the trees.
                                              The breeze wafts the leaves...ever so green
                                              and the birds, merrily, messaging their songs..

                                              I hear them from afar with melodious tunes:
                                              “Freedom, Freedom,” my red cardinal sings.
                                              “Couchi, Couchi, Couch,”  one quickly responds.
                                              “Par-ee, Par-ee,” from a nearby bush,
                                              and the mourning doves “Twitter” to and from nests.
                                             “Dear, Dear, Dear...” from a lofty maple tree
                                              and “Jibber, Jibber, Jibber,”  the echo of another.

                                              A sturdy tall tree of gray rippled bark
                                              has long-armed  branches that soar to the sky.
                                              Its thousands of leaves ...all lacy lime green
                                              shade the lawns, the patios and balconies below.

                                               Low cedars and bushes surround wooden poles
                                               of telephone and hydro 'tween here and paved path.
                                               Wires, so numerous... parallel the ground
                                                speaking of “flight lanes thro'  the blue cloudless sky.

                                               The Social Room views...to a park-like garden
                                               where oft' throughout summer, the residents laze.
                                               Some love gardening in their private-given-plot.
                                               Occasionally, we've a luncheon for all to enjoy.

                                               We “dress” for the event (whether Hawaii-an or Injun)
                                                with umbrella-ed tables and themed decor.
                                                The gardens are a-bloom...and evergreens stately.
                                                Camaraderie is present...among us all.

                                                Yesterday, was delivered a load of rich soil
                                                 for gardens at the front and resident “green-thumbers”
                                                 who came with their shovels and carts for the loam,
                                                 spending the weekend...to plant precious flowers.

                                                 My 3rd floor balcony is hung with pretty baskets
                                                 of purple clematis and bright golden daisies.
                                                 I've gone”artificial”!  I learned my lesson!
                                                 (The squirrels well feasted on my gorgeous hibiscus;
                                                  they nibbled my pansies, ruined geraniums & lobelia
                                                  then tried to build nests in empty flower pots.)

                                                As sprightly little sparrows flit through the trees,
                                                I cherish the spring and anticipate summer.
                                                The mourning doves' return,  I shall await
                                                and also for the flowers to colourfully flourish.

                                                The tapestry I'm stitching is “Spring Tree Fairy”
                                                as I muse about birds, the gardens and the flowers.  ,
                                                Suddenly...upon my canvas,  partly on the table
                                                a butterfly came...'twas a small orange Monarch
                                                who sensed and yearned to be included in the scene.
                                                How momentous can this be?  Not a fantasy or dream!

                                                Transformation, it signifies...a new phase of life
                                                bringing happiness and joy, romance and success.

        What wonderful wishes, the butterfly delivered!

                                                                           . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                          “Pearl of Wisdom”
                                                    When a flower grows wild, it can always survive.
                                                         Wildflowers don't care...where they grow.
                                                                              (Dolly Parton) 

                          Merle Baird-Kerr ... written May 20, 2012
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  1. Merle,
    Thankyou for your written love and repect of nature in your Western Setting. A truly lovely weekend you have had ! And many more to come !

    A Short Poem For The Spring

    The birds are over the trees
    The scent of the flowers are spreaded everywhere.
    The days are sunnier and brighter,
    the butterflies are flying in the gardens.
    It's spring - a time to sing.

    Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

  2. This "spring poem" is most descriptive!
    I wonder how many people...truly consider
    "why" it is we enjoy spring. Some are possibly
    too busy to "look and sense". We are so fortunate to live in a country providing 4 changing seasons!