Thursday, May 17, 2012


 A myth is a story with a purpose.  It tries to explain the way of the world.
Myths also try to explain the relationship between gods and  humans.
Even though the events in the myth are usually impossible, they try to
send a message that has an important social or religious meaning.
For early people, myths were like science because they explain
how things work.  They also explained other questions that are
now answered through modern science.

I never met a person who does not like mythology.  I think that it is the child in us
who love stories and fairy tales, fabulous narratives and exciting adventures.
“Emotion” is the main ingredient of everything which touches the heart...turning
into precious treasures, things that, without “emotion” would be merely ordinary.

“Emotion” and “imagination” can paint life...with magical colours.
In this world with defined edges, where everything is labelled and cataloged,
where gray seldom exists...because there is only black and white...where little
miracles happen every day...but are seldom is more than likely that
we will not do something extraordinary which would attract to us the attention
of the world.  If we want or need poetry, enchantment and beauty in our lives,
we must create them.

It is up to us...the appearance and colours of the world we choose to live in.
Of course, there are cruelty and injustice...but we can fight them! 
We can make a difference.

                            “Emotion” is the heart of Life. “Imagination” is its decoration.

Our Interpretive Application of Mythology Today…
is Making a Difference!

We need not to depend upon  “gods” to direct our decisions.
We have  learned to “believe in ourselves”.
We need not allow our level of ability to dissuade us
from stepping into the world to “make a statement”. 
Achievement is attainable! 
It is the Inspiration...Imagination...Emotions...Desire
that urge, drive and impel us to “step out of our picture frame”
to explore new horizons.

Consider the Artist within each of us.  We may not be a Vincent Van Gogh
or a Robert Bateman; we may not be adept with a paint brush and palette;
we may deem that we have no vision  to leap from an image in our minds...
to canvas and easel before us.

Linda Sorensen, daughter of a long-time friend, has become a recognized Canadian
painter of wilderness scenes.  She states, “The creative spirit is awakened in me,
whether through the lens of my camera or through my easel and paints on site.
It is here that the beauty of the natural wild speaks to me as the timeless freedom
of the days unfold.  It is the visions of wilderness that I feel my paintings inspire
a connection between man and the actual wild.”
She attended Nelson High School in Burlington ~ having Robert Bateman as her
mentoring teacher.  Today, her paintings are hung in several Ottawa Valley
art galleries.

A bridge-playing acquaintance, retired from her ER nursing career,
has expanded her longtime interest as possibly a “budding artist”.
She engaged herself in “art lessons” and through guidance, projecting a vision
with brush and oils to the canvas before her.The results are amazing!
Family and friends admire her framed work; at request, she paints from a photo
or a scene captured while travelling locally or on vacation.

Further, I suggest that it may be a “Paint by Number” picture that inspires  you
to paint from your soul. The finished “painting” gives a sense of achievement!

Perhaps Music  is your passion.  Your voice may be a God-given-talent.
With lessons the voice learns projection, enunciation, and that special ingredient...
emotion which expresses your inner feelings.  The message sung from the soul has
deep impact.Your audience may be church parishioners, may be an onstage
 performance of a musical, may be a soloist at a wedding, may be a voice in the
opera chorus...even an aria of your own!  Remember...we can all the shower!

My niece, Sonya, loved Ice-skating and soon enrolled  in the
Goderich Skating Club. She learned the grace of movement, various turns
and jumps. Dreams of grandeur piqued her interest.  After a few years,
Sonya realized she was at the peak of her ability. Her greatness was in coaching
younger skaters...who also had dreams.

Consider the Track and Field participant. Physically, as a child, you excelled.
in one or more of these disciplines.  Then there were the “meets” between schools,
followed by tryouts for town and city teams.  You may qualify at the Provincial
level and possibly a position with the National team.  Your dream..the Olympics?

A friend's son (the 4th in a family of 6 children), didn't know "what to do
with his life". He was bored!  Anxiously, his parents asked if he had a 'dream job"
he'd like. Brad stated, "Yes...I'd love to fly!"  They inquired and located
a place in Saskatchewan where he could learn to fly helicopters.  WOW! 
He was gone! This vocation was for him! Excelling with the 'copters, he began
to climb the aviation ladder.  What is he doing today? Flying passenger jets for
Air Canada as a pilot. Today his parents and family benefit with "free travel flights".  

Whatever your level of ability,
Inspiration, Imagination and Emotion
will bring you to unexpected heights
and great sense of personal achievement!

“Pearls of Wisdom”

Unexpected change
can be like a breath of fresh air...
a little brisk at first,
but magic for body and soul.
(from a novel by Susan Biggs)

Make an ordinary day...extra-ordinary.
Every day holds a chance for romance
...joie de vivre!

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written April 30, 2012
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  1. And you my Friend Merle... Inspire me every day with your good will and cheer ! This is a beautifully written article about Mythology !
    I believe I will go now and start my Creative Day !
    Sherrie xo

  2. Great Inspiration for me that you are so "positive"
    in your thinking and actions!