Monday, May 28, 2012

Mourning Dove Family III (Part 1)

 In April, I wrote about...Mourning Dove Family II with follow-up of ...Bella
and Carlo's Family.   On May 23, I had visitors and wondered if they'd stay.
Thus, I  post this article  under the above title.  As their life develops,
I”ll keep you informed about Victoria (she arrived here on May 24th to remain) 
and Albert.
On their day of arrival, I wrote this bit of prose and sent it to a few friends. 

                                                        The Arrival of Visitors!

                                           Yesterday, on May 23, I had visitors.
                                            They announced their arrival with a series of “twitters”.
                                            Slowly, I opened the balcony door
                                            and glimpsed a Mourning Dove on the old nest.

                                            They “twittered” to and from  the high wires
                                            to the balcony railing and to the nest.
                                            Once, they sat though discussing.
                                            Their continued maneuvers lasted 45 minutes.

                                            A couple minutes later, Victoria again arrived
                                            (looking very plump...carrying eggs).
                                            She spent not long...before flying away.
                                            Yet, I hoped this a positive signal to be...
                                            the “the arrival of Mourning Family III”
                                            Late afternoon and mourning dove came!

                                             This morning at 8, my subtle glance revealed
                                             Victoria...or was it Albert?  upon the nest!
                                             Soon, I heard,”twitter, twitter, twitters”...
                                             but believe it was only a checking-out fly-over.
                                             Albert seemed content...just sitting on the nest;
                                             no ”change of shift” seemed apparent to me.

                                             Then “twitters” again and both on the nest.
                                             Twitters once more, I glanced through the door.
                                             Regally sitting was “my queen Victoria!”
                                             She's either laid her eggs..or soon intends.
                                             Albert twitters his return...”Is all OK?”

It is with great delight, I welcome
Mourning Dove Family III
and my pleasure to introduce Victoria and Albert.
I'll await the hatching of  their “squabs” in 2 weeks' time
and another 2 weeks for these babes to grow...
developing their wings and learning to fly!

How fortunate  I've been to observe these birds!
Their parenting is shared 24/ amazing it is!
And we humans...believe...We Know Best?

Merle Baird-Kerr … written May 24, 2012
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