Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Afternoon in May

                                         It is peaceful...serene...and tranquil.
                                         The air has a chill, yet the sun is warm.
                                          My balcony, an escape from winter's interior,
                                          fills my vision with nature that surrounds.

                                          The trees are leafing beautifully green;
                                           grass, so lush, sprouting dandelions golden.
                                           The whisper of the breeze wafts through the branches.
                                           Across the bike path...blossoming white trees; 
                                           and 'side a town home fence, a forsythia so glorious.

                                           The birds are “tweeting” from bushes and trees;
                                           even “Freedom, Freedom”, my friendly red cardinal;
                                           mourning doves “twittering” to and from nests.
                                           (I had a family of these...a few weeks ago;
                                           Carlo and Bella called my balcony home ~
                                            here they raised  fledglings 'til able to fly).
                                           Their twiggy shallow nest remains on the chair
                                            reminding me that in Nature...we experience Life.

                                            Somewhere out of sight, hear a motoring mower.
                                            Below me, Janine lovingly walks her dog.
                                            Another neighbour parks her auto...
                                             cartons of flowers she wagon-pulls
                                    plant in her private garden.

                                             Not a busy-traffic-day ~ yet vehicles sound a whoosh
                                             as they quietly travel along the neighbourhood street.
                                             An occasional bus, motorcycle, together with bikes & joggers
                                              create a blending flavour with the abounding nature-scape.

                                             Wearing an extra sweater, I relish this Spring weather ~
                                              the air so fresh, the pastel sky of softening blues.
                                              “Spring Tree Fairy” is a canvass I'm stitching
                                              with two single strands of colourful floss.
                                              With a garland of flowers in her long flowing hair,
                                               upon a sturdy limb...she pensively rests;
                                               her dainty hands folded upon dress of sheer  
                                               and pinkish cream shawl draping ‘cross her arms.
                                               Her gossamer wings extend upwards to leaves ~
                                                leaves of sundry greens and flowers of pink, rose and wine
                                                which curve and frame this “portrait”… of fanciful beauty.

                     “Pearls of Wisdom”

                            Someone is sitting in the shade today
                             because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
(Warren Buffet)

            “Why does the bamboo tree grow here?”
          “It is waiting for the wind to please you
           when it rustles through the leaves.”
        (from a TV movie re an Asian girl and an American).

Merle Baird-Kerr  . . .  written May 5, 2012
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  1. Goddess M...

    I can feel the wind on my face in this lovely posting ! Its entries like this that you truly shine.

    Goddess S.

  2. As ever...your continuing interest inspires me.
    I am pleased that readers not only enjoy...
    also benefit personally.
    Thank You Sherrie.