Thursday, November 3, 2011

Importance of Remembrance Day

In his publication ((Issue No. 17 Fall 2011)
Mike Wallace, Member of Parliament for Burlington, writes:

Rembrance Day commemorates Canadians who died in service to Canada.
November 11 is the day that we pause to remember those who served
to protect our freedom and democracy at home and abroad.

The first Remembrance Day was conducted in 1919. Originally called 
Armistice Day, it commemorated the end of World War I on November 11th
1918 at 11 a.m.  Canada saw 620,000 men and women serve at a time 
when our total population was only a few million. Of these brave men and women, 66,000 were killed.

Canada has played an important role and sacrificed much for peace in the World.
More than one million Canadians served in World Was II and approximately 45,000 gave their lives. During the Korean War, more than 26,000 Canadians served with 516 lives lost during the conflict. Canadian soldiers have been involved in key U.N. peacekeeping roles from Cypress to Bosnia. Most recently, the Canadian Armed Forces have made a significant contribution in Afghanistan in our fight against terrorism. Canada has lost 157 brave members of our military and 4 civilians in their fight 
to bring peace, democracy and security to a very troubled part of the world.

On November 11th please wear a poppy (and join us at the Cenotaph at Burlington's City Hall for the 11 a.m. Remembrance Day Service). 
Please take a moment wherever you may be...and remember those 
who have sacrificed so much for the Canada we all cherish today.
We Will Remember Them!


Are you aware that...O, Canada (our National Anthem)...
tells about  “our patriot love”, “We Stand on Guard for Thee” and that 
“Our land is glorious and free”?

Are you aware that ...The Maple Leaf Forever...
speaks of “peace” and that “our brave warriors fought battles, side by side, 
in lands afar... for freedom, home and loved ones” and that  “they firmly stood and nobly died”?  “Their sacrifice and valour shine;
                           Their names will live forever.”

Are you aware that Remembrance Day this year is dated...11/11/11...?

Within the next few days, I shall post...
Essence of the National Anthem(s)

 Submitted by Merle Baird-Kerr . . . November 3, 2011

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