Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Trek

                          “Indian Summer” Day...I believe it is called ~
                         The temperature's mild and leaves yet unhauled;
                         Had a few frosty nights ... colours now superb
                         Throughout my fair city and beauty-treed 'burbs.

                         {I hear that New England received tons of snow;
                         Very heavy wet stuff...the trees cannot blow,
                         Crashing with their weight! Suddenly, No Power!
                         No lights, stove or heat...for the days' many hours.}

                         Southern Ontario is a haven-home to me ~
                         We revel in the views, I wish you could see:
                         Spruce, so mighty...and long-needled pines
                         Graceful green cedars and wooded tamaracs...
                         All interspersed with ...
                         Sugar maple reds and colourful oaken leaves,
                         Fiery fuchsias, golds... the tans and the yellows.

                    My drive today, like an autumn-guided tour:
                    Downtown Hamilton, 'gainst the treed rock escarpment.
                    Cross...High Level Bridge, 'tween the Bay and the Coutts ~
                    Paradises of water, so scenically positioned.
                    Had an Oakville's east end
                    Tending Grand-daughter's foot, by an able laser surgeon.
                    It was the last appointment needed, after many visits.
                    Most delighted, we celebrate...Russell Williams lunch
                    Before driving home to carve her orange pumpkin!

                    I drove the Northshore Boulevard 'side the Bay's blue water ~
                    Under a canopy of trees that arched the winding road ~
                    Like strolling through a painting, with “autumn haze” surround.
                    Stopped at “Window to the Bay” to photograph a tree ~
                    Very straight...and Commander of the Shore!

                    Had read about an old Oak...of 150 years
                    On Allview Avenue...appropriately so-named...
                    A quiet street nestled...beside our Burlington Bay
                    With glorious views...of the towering Skyway Bridge
                    And the deep blue waters...of Lake Ontario.

                     I'm mesmerized and this very stalwart Oak ~
                    Giantly established...among the other trees ~
                    Its sturdy bark trunk...and wide spreading branches
                    Still hold leaves, so colourfully hued ~ and
                    Soaring above the rooftops of its few guarding homes.
                    If I could physically climb to its high lofty limbs,
                    I'd view the blue heavens...and the vast lake waters!

                    I'm vitally dramatic force of Nature!
                    Drive through Olde Burlington's... very stately homes
                    And wonder...just when... long ago...
                    These trees as saplings, were most proudly planted.
                    Flower gardens plentiful...still in full bloom;
                    Downtown shops, adorned with hanging baskets
                    And front door urns, chrysanthemum-filled!
                    Patio tables...their bistros and cafes
                    Still await enjoy autumn days;
                    Views of the park, weeping-willow draped,
                    And, beyond, of Lake Ontario!

                         I reflect on Connecticut, Massachusetts ~
                unkind was Mother Nature
                        When she stole away “their fall”!
                        And literally...left them “powerless”
                        To enjoy “their autumn season”...
                        As it spreads across the country
                        And paints...its unsurpassed magic!

                       Merle Baird-Kerr ... written October 31, 2011

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