Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jackie Has a Kitty . . .

Jackie has long been a Bridge acquaintance. Living alone, she'd cherish some
company. One afternoon she delightfully informed us she was getting a Kitty...
so thrilled and excited! When Kitty arrived, I wrote this for her:
(which she immediately framed).

A long time lover of cats,
endears herself to her pet.

Kitty has no experience
with a pretty little woman
like Jackie.

Strange, Aloof and Sad...
to meet her “Mother”,
unexpectedly she came.

A loving look at Kitty
and Mia
became her name.

She'll purr and she'll mew
and the rest you'll not know
...unless you ask her so.

Did you know, “Mother Jack”,
Mia's vocab(ulary)
has 100 's of vocal sounds?
Suggest you do some “listenings”
to interpret what she's saying!

She'll stretch and stretch
and constantly groom.
With ogling eyes, she'll watch and wait
...yearning to be safe and warm.
Be kind to me...I'll be your Best Friend!”

There'll soon come a day,
on the window ledge she'll sit
or perched on a table with an arrogant look!
Her glance, when entering your door,
will strongly avow,
I'm Home...Your Guardian Angel,
Forever I'll Be!”

Merle Baird-Kerr  ... written August 24, 2009
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Next posting is a novella entitled
"My Cat House and Its Tenant"

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