Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Son

In contemplating your life over the years, I am confident you will recall many experiences (both significant and otherwise) during each birthday year. I recall numerous interesting events, but shall highlight three age stages.

THE BOY...and how happy I was and your father at the time of your birth in
November, 1964. Indeed, it was a very chilly morning when I went to Hamilton General Hospital. Your father had to leave to return home, at the Doctor's request. Five hours later, you were born with chubby little cheeks and a well formed body! In your pre-school years, I took you to children's plays, taught you to ski at Chedoke and with lessons there a year or two later. I recall one incident when you stated, “My skis won't do what I want them to do!” Nearby was Kiwanis Arena where you learned to every Canadian boy should. A highlight of your young childhood, was travelling with me during January and February to Chile to visit your Father's family when you were four years old. You entered King Road School and later Maplehurst Public School. There is so much more I can recall, but to sum up these years, you were a very delightful child.

THE TEENAGER began schooling at M. M. Robinson High School and certainly enjoyed the “change of scene” in Brant Hills, to where we moved. You developed interests in music, the computer world and building new friendships. Summers, you took rowing lessons through the Recreation Department held at Lake Ontario's waterfront. When Dorothy and I went to Camisle to play 9 holes on its scenic course, you would walk the fairways with us using a cut-down iron or putter. Following High School, you began studies at the University of Windsor. How sad I was to see you leave for months at a time, but home for summer jobs.These years (like every teenager), you were “spreading your wings.”

Lastly, THE FAMILY MAN...who returned from University with an adult attitude and a “new look on life”. In a couple years you met Beth who would become your wife. With programmer and analyst knowledge, you embarked on “contract jobs” working in Arkansas, California followed by a brief assignment in New Jersey and currently in Pennsylvania. Above all, you have been a wonderful husband to Beth and with her, had three wonderful children. You truly have been a remarkable father to them, giving to them as much “quality time” as is possible.

You always were, and are My Favourite Son as your sister is my Favourite Daughter. You have not only been my son, but also a privileged and wonderful Friend...helpful and so respectful in numerous ways. If you were here tomorrow, I would entertain you with Lunch at a favourite place and celebrate with traditional cake and candles.

Happy Birthday, my Son and Friend...have a Wonderful Day
and a Wonderful Year!
Sending you much Love.....MOM

Merle Baird-Kerr ... written November 2007
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  1. Dear Merle, I have always admired the relationahip you have had with your son Andrew... something very special !
    What a lovely Birthday gift to give him with this Blessing of your sentiments about him.
    I admire your passion for life dear Merle...
    Your A True Goddess....

  2. Thank You Goddess-Twin! With your two sons, you relate well to what I wrote. We are truly blessed
    to have such rich relationships!