Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blue? You Don't Like That Blue?

A few days ago, the Hamilton Spectator
published a story about Stephanie and Terrence White
who purchased a crumbling brink house in Hamilton's west end.
Repairs got made...and the exterior painting began.
Blue...brilliant blue, covering a large portion of the front facade,
along with the eave troughs.
(Photo and story written by Paul Wilson)

The article intrigued me...and I was strongly motivated to send my comments to a section in the Spec called... “Reader's Write”... located on the editorial page. Daily, such letters are selected and possibly printed in this column. Impressed I was to my son's response and others who sent me their views.

Don't Like That Blue? It's Up to You!
Hurray to Stephanie and Terrence White...for 'fixing up their house' at Main and Strathcona Streets.
Built circa 1919, it stalwartly stands along with other 3 storey homes as speeding four and five eastward bound traffic passes by.

BLUE? It's a fantastic colour! According to charts, blue signifies inner confidence and promotes physical and mental relaxation. It is Nature's colour of water and sky. The so-called 'California Blue' selected by the owner is not too dissimilar to the 'electric blue' in newly manufactured vehicles displayed in showrooms and driven on our streets. It tears me every time I see this colour!

A neighbour commented to Stephanie, “That's not the colour, is it? It doesn't fit in with the street. How rude!” This is a stayed-old concept! Are we to remain with old traditions? Raise our children the way we were in the last generation? Use the same old appliances (whether kitchen or workshop) that our parents used? Drive the same old vehicle that granddad drove? WAKE UP! Get with the NEW! Be innovative...start a new trend! Perhaps now, Stephanie nad Terrence will inspire their locale to become a 'trendy neighbourhood'!

Consider homes in Bermuda, in the Caribbean, Mexico and South America...their homes ranging from pastels to brilliants. How delightful to view these properties! Even in Grimsby, there are several blocks of quaint little houses refinished with gingerbread trim and colourfully painted located not far from the lake.! Go find... and have a look. You'll love them.

Back in my real estate days, selling new homes for a builder in Brant Hills, Mattwood Homes built me a house on the last remaining lot. Observing that most previous buyers selected the exteriors of 'earth tones', I was left with my option of colours. I chose a silver-grey brick; shutters on both front and rear windows were painted a deep wedgewood Blue... along with the front door. It was impressive... the neighbours were pleased, and so was I.
My son and I have long had a cliche:
He would remark, “Mom, I know why you bought that!”
I always asked, “Why?”
He always responded, “Because it was different!”
Yes, it was unique, would be my reply.

I am so anxious to drive into downtown Hamilton to see this “California Blue” edifice. It will certainly brighten my day!
I love life. There's so much to learn and see all the time;
and nothing is nicer than to wake up... and the sky is Blue!
(Patti Boyd)

Comments from my son: At the University of Windsor bookstore, they had a rack of novelty posters. I often flipped through them, but never found one that intrigued me sufficiently to buy. But I did see one that was interesting. It showed a bird's-eye view of a residential neighbourhood in the evening: some winding streets and a cul-de-sac... all of the houses looked exactly the same... with exactly the same grey roof. But this one house had the roof painted in psychedelic swirls of pink. However, the paint work was not quite finished, for you saw the ladder and the paint cans... and down in the front yard, the owner was being taken away by the police. Yes, he wanted to be a bit different!

Now, one may argue a certain spectrum of distinction... where obviously, this place had a 'very low tolerance'. Some people like to make their property so radically distinctive that it is an eye-sore.

I remember seeing a neighbourhood along the north side of the QEW in Grimsby where all the houses were painted in pastel colours... and it did look rather picturesque.

Comment from Dilu: I am so glad that you agree with me since I recently had my kitchen painted in a soft blue. I love it, first thing in the morning. It refreshes me... and makes my day a bright one... regardless of what the weather is outside! I look good dressed in Blue... and it makes me smile and chuckle. I love it!

If the sight of Blue skies fills you with joy...
if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you...
if the simple things in nature have a message you understand...
REJOICE...for your soul is alive!
(Eleanor Duse ~ Italian actress)

Compiled by Merle Baird-Kerr... April 7, 2016Comments appreciated... email... or

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