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Grandparents Matter!

Allusion of Mourning Doves to Grandparents
Marilyn Nevills in “Letters to the Spec” wrote:

Again our hanging fern provided safe haven, home and nursery for two mourning doves. Mornings, my husband and I would witness the young, jostling for space in the nest and vying for food provided by two very committed parents. As before, one chick very aggressive, the other meek and constantly being pushed aside in the search for food and attention. On that magical day of 'flight' with fluttering wings and posturing, one chick took off...and left the nest! Alas, has our other chick been abandoned because he cannot fly? Alone for hours, we watched as mama dove appeared to offer encouragement with food...for her younger one to make the attempt to fly.

Wonder of wonders...finally to leave the great distance, he thought, just to the limb of the tree. And there, together, the rest of the family, on the branch, with parents providing encouragement, these little stronger, one much less assured, face the day together.
Kind of echoes what is in the hearts of all grandparents
as they watch their own 'empty nest' and remember
how their babies and grandbabies left the nest to fly.
So now, we wait for next year when we can be 'empty nesters' again!

As the writer of this article about Grandparents, I well relate to the saga of mourning doves, who for three summers raised their families, born from two white oval eggs. They flat-nested on my third floor balcony, selecting the same black wrought-iron chair. One pair of fledglings was akin to the pair in the above very ambitious to fly...the other most reticent. Mother persisted with encouragement!

* * * * * * *

Grandma, arriving home to a disaster asks Grandpa (totally flaked out in his big easy chair, “Are you alright?” He replies, “NO! The Grandchildren were here!”

The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is a very special one.
Grandparents act as an 'authority figure' to provide unconditional love...
they get to spoil their grandchildren in a way parents can't.
KIDS may hate to learn about history in school books and from old photos and paintings.
SENIOR citizens, when growing up, learned the skills of sewing, gardening, baking, farming, wood-working and perhaps music lessons were given on an old player-piano.
WISDOM is imparted about Life lessons and other advice from grandparents.
FAMILY HISTORY: Grandparents may know where all the black and white photos were taken and who posed for these pictures and can now visualize a 'family tree'.

HUMOUR: Teasing is part of 'growing up' when it comes from someone who loves unconditionally.
LISTENING: from Grandparents is often more meaningful than heard by parents.
GAMES of bridge, canasta, pinochle, crocinole and lawn croquet are fun to learn and play.
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Children need a sound hand in order to navigate through the teen years.
DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Grandparents don't get upset over the little things
SNAIL MAIL: Don't let the art of letter-writing fade! Set up some 'pen-pal' time with grandparents ...sending post cards, even...and souvenirs of their good times together.
GRANDPARENTS are more 'objective' attending sports' events...children often fail to succeed when parents over-react with their parental advice and instruction.
HEALTHY MODEL: Grandchildren may wish to pattern the lives of their grandparents.
TRANSMITTING VALUES may have a greater impact upon grandchildren than from parents.
PARENTING SKILLS should be in sinc with Grandparents in their relationship.

LOVE is the greatest gift one generation can leave to another.
(Richard Garnett)

A Grandparent is a little bit 'parent'.
A Grandparent is a little bit 'teacher'.
A Grandparent is a little bit 'best friend'.
(Author unknown)

Compiled by Merle Baird-Kerr...September 3, 2016
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