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Collage...for July 2014

From Planet Earth Calendar

Endangered King:  The Jaguar is the largest and most powerful wild cat in the Americas.  It enjoys its spot at the top of the food chain; yet, strangely, it is listed as an Endangered Species, due mainly to the threat posed by man.  Jaguars prefer wet, lowland habitats, swampy savannahs or tropical rainforests.  While they can be found throughout the southern United States, Central and South America...the largest population live in the Amazon rainforest.  The population of the Jaguars has declined steadily over the past 100 years mainly due to human advances. 

New cities are being developed and farmland extended  resulting in the destruction of both forest and grassland.  The Jaguars are also having to compete with humans for food.  Ranchers hunt them down to protect their livestock and for sport. Although the diet of the Jaguar consists of more than 80 different types of prey, Jaguars seldom attack humans.

Did You Know?
(from the Canadian Wildlife Federation Calendar)

The Eastern Forktail Damselfly is one of the most common damselflies in eastern Canada.  They can be seen between June and mid-September.  Their preferred habitats include wetlands and small ponds with plenty of vegetation.  More than 600 species of wildlife are at risk this Canada Day.  You can learn more about helping  our furry, feathery or fishy neighbours by visiting: CanadaWildlifeFederation.ca.

Gardening Advice
(from Kathy Renwald's Thursday issue of Hamilton Spec)

Pot Culture is Having Its Moment:  People are living differently today!  Putting plants in containers brings instant gratification...shrubs, trees, vegetables, etc. Living in condos (if parents both work) there is just no time for extensive gardening. Patio/balcony gardening can be taken with you when moving.

Her illustration shows Crimson Flame Geraniums...a basil tree (that will need trimming to keep its round shape)...and Fiesta, a tropical Hibiscus with intense colours and prolific flowering (this variety of hibiscus combines showy pink,orange and red in each flower.

Special Note to Kathy:  My 2 beautiful Hibiscus plants on the balcony were frequented by squirrels for two seasons.  I moved these potted plants from indoors to my balcony when the temperatures were about the same.  I was So Dismayed and So Discouraged when they were Destroyed by these pesky little creatures!!!  Consequently, (even on the third floor) any flowers became their determined target. To outwit them, I now enjoy artificial flowers that adorn my “outdoor living space”!

Message from the Canadian Red Cross

Beat the Heat!  Do you know the signs and symptoms of someone suffering from heat exhaustion?  Would you know what to do to help?  Visit...www.redcross.ca/firstaid.


MADD serves a victim or survivor of drunk driving every 10 minutes!

Niagara Falls and Great Gorge
(from Niagara Falls of Canada 2014 Calendar)

Aerial night photo of both the American Falls and Canada's Horseshoe Falls
illuminated with colour lights including an exploding fireworks ball of sparkles.
Be thrilled with spectacular fireworks displays
over the Horseshoe Falls across from Victoria Park.

There are many waterfalls that are higher than Niagara...but it's the combination of its great width and huge volume of water that is impressive as it leaps and thunders over the escarpment edge into the river below.

Special Event Days

July 1 (Tuesday) ~ Canada Day
July 4 (Friday) ~ Independence Day (U.S.)
July 9 (Wednesday) ~ Nunavut Day*
July 19 (Saturday) ~ Canada's Parks Day
July 27 (Sunday) ~ Parent's Day (U.S.)
*One of our Territories

Flower and Garden Philosophy

Flowers have a way of tiptoeing into your garden unannounced.
(Pam Brown)

Joyous  July...for Summer Musings

Summer is when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes...and the right kind of day is a jewelled balm for the battered spirit.  A few of those days and you can become “drunk” with the belief that all is right with the world.  (Ada Louise Huxable)

The summer morn is bright and fresh, the birds are darting by
as if they loved to breast the breeze that sweeps the clear blue sky.
(William C. Bryant)

What a beautiful sunny morning.
It makes you happy to be alive, doesn't it?
We can't let the sun outshine us...we have to beam too!
(Takayuki Ikkako)

Here, men from the planet Earth
first set foot upon the Moon ~ July 1969 AD.
We came in peace for all mankind.
(Neil Armstrong)

Merle Baird-Kerr...compiled June 2014
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