Sunday, July 6, 2014

On Your Special Day

Wishing you a Beautiful Day
and a Year full of Happiness!

Upon this, I elaborate:

One should not have a “special day” ~
Every day of the year offers something special!
We need, daily, to search for this revelation.
“Today is First Day of the Rest of Your Life!”
And tomorrow, you apply the same recurring principle.

The world welcomed  you in balmy September ’96.
On day aged…to One Year!
Remember your first day of school's Kindergarten?
Then after Grade 8, you soared into High School.
Surprising your family, you joined the “Army”.
WOW!  And now, Westdale bids you “adieu”.

  This card wishes you a Year of Happiness!
In the novel, “A Certain Smile” by Judith Michael,
Li went to his daughter's home and on her cherry-red door,
Chinese characters painted in gold
translated to “The Heart is in Full Blossom”.
It is a Wish for Happiness which means that ~
“When hearts unfold like flowers opening to sunlight,
Beauty will come to the World.”

Dear Grand Daughter...the Best Guide Posts I can give you are
the philosophies of authors, with whose words I concur...
and from them I have learned much.

One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life...
is choosing whether to walk away...or try harder.

Life is a Gift to be Treasured ~ each day an Adventure.

The difference between who you are...and who you want to be what you do!

Every moment of your Life should be measured
by just how far it takes you from the ordinary.

I have learned that, whenever I decide something with an open heart,
I usually make the right decision. (Maya Angelou)

Every experience is a lesson!  (Sathya Sai Baba)

Choice is a Beautiful Thing...Make what you see...Amazing!
(sign seen  with your brother in a Mississauga electronics shop)

Follow your bliss ~ and the Universe
will open doors for you ~ where there were only walls.
(Joseph Campbell)

Make Every Day Feel Like Your Lucky Day
and Happiness will Knock at Your Door!

Have Defining Moments Every Day.
Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

…from Grandma Merle X

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  1. EDDA WRITES: "Good Morning...your collection of sayings are all keepers!"

  2. The words from philosophers often carry more significance
    than a family member's thoughts and suggestions.
    Thank you, Edda, for your interest. Loved your
    "Legend of Cap and Gown".. will forward to "readers" at another time.

  3. DAVID RESPONDS: "Well done on the piece about your Grand Daughter.
    I pray, the Fates will keep her safe and out of harm's way."

  4. Most parents fail to realize that their purpose and duty in raising children is to "prepare them for adulthood." This stage in life is for her now to develop. Thanks, Dave, for your interest and prayer for her future.

  5. ROBERTO COMMENTS: "Thanks to you, I liked the writings
    you send me."

  6. Whether Europe, Asia, United States or Canada, the sentiments
    and philosophies are the same. It's our attitude towards Life
    that ensures success and happiness. Thank you, Roberto
    for your interest.