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Five Basic Senses ~ Part 3

 The 5 traditional recognized methods of perception or sense are:


The Sense of Touch is spread through the whole body.  Nerve Endings in the skin and in other parts of the body send information to the brain.  There are four finds of Touch sensations that can be identified:
cold, heat, contact and pain.  Hair on the skin increases sensitivity and can act as an early warning system for the body.  The fingertips have a greater concentration of nerve endings.  People who are blind can use their Sense of Touch to read Braille ~ a kind of writing that uses a series of bumps to represent different letters of the alphabets.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and contains the most nerve endings.  (Revalue your hands!)

TOUCH, coming before Sight and Speech
is the first language and the last...and it always tells the truth.
(Sheena Guys)

From my research, I determined that TOUCH can be defined
as being: Physical...Emotional...or Educational.

Baby's Hand

No one can deny that the birth of a baby is an unprecedented miracle!  This joyous event far surpasses the 9-month creation and the extreme pain suffered during labour-hours.  When that first baby cry is heard by Mommy, Daddy and medical staff, “the world stands still” to salute this arrival.  Baby is cuddled, is hungry to be fed and demands constant eternal love!  When Babe's tiny hand grasps your finger, it's magical.  This union is forever bonded and no one can separate this bonding!  The Sense of Touch is a life-long connection within the family!

Holding a baby's hand is an incredible feeling.
It's almost as if you were touched by an angel.
Though we have never known how angels act,
They must be somewhat close to little kids.
(Author Unknown)


When College Years were completed and all dues paid for tuition, books, rental accommodation, meal expenses, transportation fees, my next goal was Teachers' College in Hamilton.  Working part-time jobs in Toronto to cover my costs, I was suddenly thrust into a “stalemate state” wondering how to finance my studies for this one further year.  Returning home to Brantford, a business woman from the church I attended offered me a job at Spalding's Sport Company.  This was only a summer job and I surely intended to begin Teachers' College in September!  My father called me one day at work to inform me of a letter from the I.O.D.E.  “What was that about?” I questioned. Tentatively, opening the envelope, I was touched emotionally and wrought with joyous tears!  The Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire had awarded me a cheque for “Continued Studies”; a sufficient amount to well pay my Teachers' College expenses for the coming year!  This presentation, given out of generosity and kindness, was a Touch I have long remembered. Someone was looking after me!.  (Based in Canada, the I.O.D.E. is a Women's charitable organization.  It usually provides scholarships, bursaries, book prizes and awards as well as pursing educational projects in various communities across the nation.

Charles de Lind wrote:
I want to touch the heart of the world
and make it smile.

The Four Corners

In late October/early November, 2001, I drove my son's Honda Odyssey from Los Gatos, California to Hamilton, Ontario for a necessitated Emission Test.  What a scenic tour I had ~ travelling the top route of Yosemite National Park to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon in Utah.  Most spectacular was a sunrise view of the Grand Canyon's North Rim and in late afternoon the well-touristed South Rim. My next destination was “The Four Corners”...consisting of  Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.  The borders of these four states Touch!  (Have a look at a U.S. map.)  Most of this region belongs to Native American nations..the largest of which is the Navajo, followed by Hopi, Ute and Zuni tribal reserves and other nations. 

A fascinating place to visit, state flags surround this distinguished plaza and one can (as I did) place each of your two hands and two feet in the displayed “four corners of the states” and have a photo taken!  Native arts, crafts and foods were available to peruse and/or purchase. 

Canada's Four Corners:  Yes, we have them too!  My son discovered our Four Corners from a map observation; however, this destination is not approachable...too much wilderness!  But it's a great suggestion for someone to develop. Situated similarly to the American's Four Corners are:  North West Territories,  Nunavut,  Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Sometimes when we Touch,
The honesty's too much;
And I have to close my eyes and hide.
I want to hold you til I die
Til we both break down and cry.
I wanna hold you
Till the fear in me subsides.

(The foregoing lyrics form the second verse
of this rendering by Dan Hill.)

Watch for my next posting on Senses...SMELL

Merle Baird-Kerr...written June 25, 2014
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  1. MY SON WRITES: "Here is a picture of Canada's 'Four Corners' as it appears today; also is a website on wikipedia for further information. Enclosed is a photo of an aluminum obelisk designating Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Only a metre high, it is set amid a forest of trees with a high survey tower directly behind it in the NWT. In remote wilderness, it is located hundreds of kilometres from any road or railway. The site can be accessed from nearby Kasha Lake Airport/Water Aerodrome. Erected in 1962, the Four Corners was activated with the establishment of Nunavut in 1999. On top of the obelisk is a disc warning of FIVE YEARS IMPRISONMENT FOR REMOVAL (or destroying the monument)."

    1. Thank you for your info input. You are a "walking encyclopedia of knowledge" with ability of turning fact into reality...almost inviting
      us to visit this vast wilderness of our north land!

  2. SHERRIE WRITES: "A Quote for your "Touch blog"...
    'Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them
    with compassion.' (Buddha)"

  3. So appropriate! Thank you for this quote of wisdom.