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Body Language...

is a form of mental and physical ability
of human non-verbal communication consisting of
body posture...gestures...facial expressions...and eye movements.

Humans send and interpret  such signals almost entirely subconsciously.
Body language, in this sense should not be understood as “sign language.”

James Borg states that “Human communication consists of 93% body language and 7% of words themselves.” Mehrabian denies these facts.  To him, “Body language may provide clues as to the attitude or state of mind  of a person.  It may indicate aggression...attentiveness...boredom...relaxed state...pleasure...amusement...intoxication.”

The technique of “reading people” is used frequently by
Border Security Agencies, by police detectives, by Business "head honchos", etc.

Re: Hand Writing

Through my years of teaching primary grades, middle school and Grade 8’s, I was aware of how a child held his crayons, pencil or pen…and would attempt to correct his holding if necessary.  Even today, it  is a constant observation for me to do so.  Still, I silently question, whether adult or child, if there are any special interpretations for the various ways in which a person holds any writing instrument. 

In Writing, your Eyes have to Follow what your Hand is Doing.
Use a light grip.
Your writing will automatically become neater and save your hand a lot of pain.

Commented one High School teacher about a student, “She stopped at the transition from a 5-finger grip (as a monkey would do) to a 4-finger grip and never went to the 3-finger grip. (Note that the lighter grip of the latter is to hold the pen point between the thumb and forefinger.)

Regardless of the position of one’s hand when writing, it is from...the mind, the heart, the hands and the eyes that history, legends and true life experiences are born.  The ability to write easily, quickly and legibly affects the quality of one’s flow of thoughts.  I comment here, “Unfortunately The Computer today has almost surpassed the beauty and personal style of penmanship, treasured not long ago.”

Graphology (study & analysis of handwriting) can still today predict a person’s lifestyle, his fortune and  his future.  Even police and courts often depend upon a person’s signature  as “proof”.

Quirky Habits and Mannerisms “Speak of the Person”

Remember Frank Sinatra’s lyrics from
They Can’t Take That Away From Me???

The way you wear your hat.
                                                              The way you sip your tea.
The memory of all that ~
No, No ~ they can’t take that away from me!

The way your smile just beams.
The way you sing off-key.
The way you haunt my dreams ~
No, No ~ they can’t take that away from me!

I am never content with “the ordinary...only the “extra-ordinary.”
Whenever I purchase something unusual, whether…clothing...a jewellery piece…a garden statue…a painting…my son always remarked, “ I know why you bought it, Mom…because it’s different!”  to which I respond, “Yes…it is unique!”

For years, I’ve played Duplicate Bridge.  While attending  local Bridge Clubs, I had in my purse a selection of pencils. With pleasure I’d choose one that complemented my clothing ensemble…whether pink, blue, red…purple or yellow. Other players took note and smilingly recognized me for this trait.

I have a yen for odd numbers!  When playing Ladies Softball, I wore either 7 or 9.  The house number on any residential property I owned  began or ended with an odd number!  My car licence is 01 RI 07.

Someone once wrote, “I like to steal people’s food and hide it when they’re not looking.  When they turn around, their food is gone. It is amazingly funny to observe when they start searching for it.”

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE  often do What Others  call “Weird!”
Charles Dickens: would only write and sleep facing North.
Seth Gordon: wore brightly coloured but mismatched socks.
Leonard da Vinci: slept 2 hours at a time in 4-hour intervals.
Steve Jobs’ work uniform was always a black turtleneck sweater and jeans.

In Mississauga, a well-established realtor drove a “pink Cadillac”; his clients, so delighted to ride in it!  My “signature piece” in the real estate industry, was the daily wearing of hats…recognized as The Hat Lady.

A successful businessman to whom I sold a property, had one definite requirement about the house:  “When you walk into it, the Kitchen must be on the right!”  Therefore,  I always contacted the Listing Sales Rep to check or Preview it myself…before arranging appointments for  my client to view it.

Words of Wisdom

A Good Head and a Good Heart…are Always a Formidable Combination.

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes:

Crafted by Merle Baird-Kerr…May 18, 2013
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