Friday, December 6, 2013

Nature's Whites

As the winter months approach, we realize that snow tires are a consideration and that  “weather duds” will soon be needed.  For most women, clothes are a big issue!  What is it we do?  Relocate all the white summer frocks and frills and sandals to a separate create space for the wools and sweaters and boots!  For me, the clothes, which I wear year-round, hang according to colour.

Many accept that long tradition ~ Never wear white when that chilly weather imminently arrives! 
But fashion icons tell us that “winter whites” are a plus to our wardrobes.
“Nature White” is now my coined acceptance!
Mother Nature's creations are  predictors of whites
(and other colours) in each season of the year.

Consider Her Flowers:  White calla lilies and borders of phlox and hanging  baskets with trailing lobelia...delicate orchids and hibiscus...carnations and poinsettias (in ivory/white)...her morning  glories and tulips...and white trilliums awakening our woodlands in early spring.

Consider Her Scenery: Billowing white clouds scudding our skies...white seashells on sandy shores...the silvery frost and lacy-like snowflakes...white caps on ocean waters...even “white water” the challenge of kayakers and canoeists...white birch trees, elms and white pines.

Consider Her Birds:  The snowy owl perched high (nightly) in trees awaiting his next meal...the white egrets and ibis stalking fish in the quiet ponds...peace doves all feathered in whites...graceful swans upon rivers and bays...white-breasted chickadees braving the cold and frequenting our feeders.

Consider Her Animals:  The polar bears of Hudson Bay and the Arctic...the great white sharks of oceans deep...white fish delivered for dinner menus...white rabbits and hares inhabiting countrysides... white horses for pleasure and trained equestrian.

Consider Her Geography:  The “White cliffs of Dover” reach up to 350 feet facing the English Channel and the coastline of France.

The “White Nile River” in Africa is one of 72 main tributaries of the Nile from Egypt. Draining from Lake Victoria, it is approximately 3700 km (2300 miles) in length.

The “White Sea” (extension of the Barents Sea) is located off the northwestern coast of Russia.

The “White Mountains” cover about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a small portion of western Maine in United States.  They are the most rugged mountains in New England.

The “White House” in Washington, D.C. is home to America's First Families and a meeting place for world leaders It was built of sandstone between 1792 and 1800.  After it was burned in 1812 by the British, it was painted white to cover the burn marks (which today are still under the paint.)

“Whitehorse, Yukon” incorporated 1950, is Kilometre 1,426...on the Alaska Highway. It is the capital and largest city of Yukon.

Symbolisms:  White Cane is the international symbol of blindness.

White, adopted by the Christian Church, represents purity, sacrifice and virtue.  It became the colour worn by priests and other clergy.

White is associated with hospitals and with especially most medical practitioners.

White Elephant Sales is a collection of used items , organized by non-profit organizations (schools and charities) to raise money for charitable causes.

Angels and Brides are typically depicted as wearing...white.

White Christmas is undoubtedly the most famous and popular of all Christmas songs.  The music and lyrics were written by Irving Berlin in 1942.  We all dream of a “white Christmas” with snow on the evergreens and roof-hanging-icicles. Early December brings merriment and joy...celebrations of Birthdays...a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens' seasonal flair...the magic of Christmas...and the excitement of New Year's Eve.

If the North Wind blizzards our community,
I'll don my raccoon fur and matching furry boots!

Mother Nature embodies more knowledge and strength than humans who think they know better.        Believe I'll check my closet for...Nature wear and accessorize! 
According to Mother Nature...Whites are in vogue...every season of the year!

Mother Nature has so much to teach us
if we are ready and willing to listen.

The Effortless Faze of Mother Nature
Grass doesn't try to just grows.
Flowers don't try to bloom...they just bloom.
Birds don't try to fly...they just fly.

Merle Baird-Kerr … written November 18, 2013
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