Sunday, April 1, 2012

Months of the Year

We look at the calendar several times a day.
We check our calendar to schedule meetings;
we refer to dates and months to plan our vacations.
But we hardly even think about ...the meanings, the birthstones, the flowers,
even a few poetic lines for each month. Today is April 1...
and I backtrack to January to update the above information.

The name January is derived from Janus,
the Roman god of gates and doorways.
Janus is represented as having two faces...
looking in opposite directions (past and present).

There are numerous legends and myths about Birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened healing powers. For the full effect, individuals needed to own all twelve and alternate them monthly.

Birthstone ~ garnet
Flower ~ carnation or snowdrop

                                      Snowflakes spill from heaven's hand,
                                      Lovely and chase the smooth white sand.
                                      A veil of wonder laced in light,
                                      Falling gently on a winter's night.
                                      Graceful beauty raining down,
                                      Giving magic to the lifeless ground.
                                      Each snowflake like a falling star,
                                      Smiling beauty that's spun afar.
                                      The earth is dressed in robes of white,
                                      Unspoken poem the hush of night.
                                                        (Linda A. Copp)

This month has perhaps originated from the Sabine culture. The Roman festival of purification which is celebrated on February 15, is called “Februs”.

Birthstone ~ Amethyst
Flower ~ Violet or Primrose

Valentines are People
                                             Valentines are people who
                                             Are willing to be flowers,
                                             Letting us enjoy their beauty
                                             Even if for hours.
                                             No Valentine hides from the sun,
                                             Though sometimes lost in light.
                                             If you love them, they just open,
                                             Not unhappy to be woken
                                             Even in the night.
                                                      (Nicholas Gordon)

The third month of our calendar, March was originally the first month 
of the year. It was considered as the time to resume war. 
 March is regarded as the month of Mars.

Birthstone ~ Aquamarine
Flower ~ Jonquil or Daffodil

Out Like a Lion
                                                 The March wind roars
                                                 Like a lion in the sky.
                                                 And makes us shiver
                                                 As he passes by.
                                                 When winds are soft,
                                                 And the days are warm and clear,
                                                 Just like a gentle lamb,
                                                 Then spring is here.
                                                      (Author unknown)

April is believed as being Aphrodite's month.
Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.

Birthstone ~ Diamond
Flower ~ Sweet Pea or Daisy

An April Day
                                           On such a day as this, I think ~
                                           On such a day as this,
                                           When earth and sky and nature's whole
                                           Are clad in April's bliss;
                                           And balmy zephyrs gently waft
                                           Upon your cheek a kiss;
                                           Sufficient is it just to live
                                           On such a day as this.
                                                (Joseph Seamon Cotter)

Pearl of Wisdom”
Allow nature's peace to flow into you
as sun shine flows into trees.
(John Muir)

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . composed April 1, 2012
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  1. Merle,

    This synopsis for our first 4 months of our year is thoughtful, provoking and insightful. Very nicely done... I will pass this on to my lovely Granddaughters to see and cherish. And will look forward to the up and coming months!


  2. Since I found it enlightening to
    "introduce each month", I sensed it may prove interesting to readers. Thank You for your ever inspirational comments.