Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Senior's Birth Date Perspective

'Tis thought in most seniors' minds, as they approach their pending Birth Date, though happy to enjoy another, causes prospect this may be the last! However, 
I do not share these views!
As all of you are aware, I consider myself
Another Year Younger and Another Year Wiser!
Age is not a's an Attitude!

William James stated that "The art of being wise...
is Knowing What to Overlook"

In case you want some flowery words, then this poem will connect me (one day)
to elements of the sky and elements of Nature:

                                             I Am With You Still
                                     I give you this one thought to keep..
                                     I am with you ~ do not weep.
                                     I am a thousand winds that blow.
                                     I am the diamond glints on snow.
                                     I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
                                     I am the gentle autumn's rain.
                                 When you awaken in the morning's hush,
                                     I am the swift uplifting rush
                                     of quiet birds in circled flight.
                                     I am the soft stars that shine at night.
                                     Do not think of me as gone ~
                                     I am with you still ~ in each new dawn.

BUT, today I assure you ... I'm Here! 

I'm Here ~ to continue to “hound  you”, my son, about rectifying my 
computer errors.  Not only are  you  my favourite son, but also a "true friend"!

I'm Here ~ to drive anyone to an important appointment or engagement.
I'm Here ~ to teach my granddaughters to knit, crochet and other crafts.          
I'm Here ~ to enlighten your son's  academic path wherever it may lead him. 
I'm Here ~ to commend your wife to be "forever family" and praise her for
                    your three children who are now fine adolescents.

I'm Here ~ my dear daughter, to "sew on buttons", to provide recipes, etc.
I'm Here ~ to admire and honour your husband's ambitions, his love of 
                     family and home.
I'm Here ~ to follow your young son's trail through school and sports.

But, Best of All, my Advice is Free upon Asking! Whether you heed it,
or not, is your decision...and that I shall never question!

 I'm Here ~ to Live More Happy Years.
My Life Has Been Good!

I've travelled extensively (when $$$ permitted).
I've enjoyed many sports with no broken limbs.
I've observed my son as he skied and golfed; then as he developed music acumen.
I've observed my daughter, although tested a few interests, who excelled in the     equestrian field.

I've succeeded in careers of teaching, of selling Real Estate, of Fashion Co-ordination. With Jill, we created Mardadi Designs...accessories for men, women and children; we frequented craft exhibits and staged fashion shows.

I've learned skills in various crafts and accomplished a few masterpieces.

I've studied photography to improve the techniques of focus, lighting and
subject matter. With advice from my friend, Julie, I developed “photo essays” ,
 and entered club exhibits for placing and critique; created greeting cards to
place  on display for sale at the RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) gift shoppe.

I've driven my son's van from Silicon Valley in California to his Hamilton home
in 2001. A lone driver...I was on the road for 11 days viewing highlight scenery from canyons to rocky peaks, from forests and desert to mid-state farmland.

I've developed a Blog which has given me the gateway to my talent in writing ~ 
a hobby interest that lay barren and hidden for many years...with no road to
“take it anywhere”. Without my son's direction in March (2011) and Pary's document assistance, this would have been impossible. Now I have a platform for my literary skills to express philosophical views based on personal experiences.

I've gained precious friends whose “togetherness” I cherish
I've loved...and been loved ~ which is Life's Greatest Gift!
I've gained much knowledge over the now I lay claim that ...
I've achieved a degree of Wisdom...which, with anyone, I will share.

I'm Here To Enjoy More!

From my envelope of quotes (which I insert in my blog writings 
as “Pearls of Wisdom”),
I conclude with appropriate adages:
Life is not measured
by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.

                                    And, I've had a few of these moments:

When my daughter at age 14, won a Grand Prix Equestrian Event in Caracas,Venezuela competing with 9 countries for riders in her age group.

When my son graduated from University of Windsor with a degree in Computer Science and was fortunate to secure a job starting immediately back home in Burlington...through a High School Computer Club associate.

When for a few years, I rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle...clad in leathers, helmet and boots...travelling on several excursions.

When I grabbed the opportunity of a Caribbean cruise with my family and we
stood on deck at midnight...Christmas Eve...singing carols as the moon cast
beams across the water and the stars above, twinkled.

Like a "spiritual moment in time" I stood on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
at sunrise!  As I stepped from my son's Honda van, the November air had a chill
...the leaves on the trees barely rustled in the soft by one the birds 
began their morning the colourful sun broke the horizon, then 
touching the crest of the upper canyon wall.

The Secret to a Happy Life
is Learning to get through the unhappy periods
intact....from a novel by Susan Biggs (Just Breathe).

I Have Had a Happy Life!

Merle Baird-Kerr ... written March 17, 2012
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Notation:  the foregoing, I presented to my son and daughter
on this special day, my Birthday.


  1. Merle,

    Happiest of Birthdays my Dear Friend... and keep on being happy for years to come !
    I just love your Zest for Life Merle and all those who know and love you feel it everyday from you & appreciate you totally !

    Your Forever Friends,
    Sherrie & Alan

    1. How Wonderful Your Comments, Sherrie and Alan!
      I have continually appreciated your interests.
      Perhaps others who read this personal article
      will be inspired.

  2. Dear Merle,

    Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry, I missed your special day - we will surely make it up at the end of April when I will no longer working 12/7. What a beautiful life you have had - Praying and Wishing you Many More of thrilled filled happy days.



    1. Pary...I know you are busy and unable to recall
      all! Thank You for your kind comments you what you make of it
      and what your goals are.