Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heralds of Springtime

A “herald” is a person who carries or proclaims important news...a messenger.
A “herald” is a person who gives a sign or indication of something to come.
'Tis said, “The crocus is a harbinger of Spring”.

         “Tweet, tweet...tweet, tweet...tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet!
         “Chic-a-chic, chic-a-chic, chic-a-chick,” came immediate response.
         “Free.....dom, free.....dom, free.....dom” from a far-away perch.
         At 7 am, the treetop birds ~ they wakened my sleeping reverie.
         Like a “Herald of Spring”, my “symphony” has returned!

         Although it's still winter, according to the calendar,
         we've experienced very little of the season's worst fury!
         We've had the winds that blew down...broken branches;
         yet, in other places, its gales...killed power to homes by hundreds.
         There've been snow storms blanketing...Niagara and the “Bruce”.
         There've been heavy pouring rains that overflowed streets.
         Even the Escarpment loosened rocks...that on Claremont tumbled...
         YET, Nature allowed us to sit, cosy & a Mother over child.

         Only once this winter, I brushed snow off my car.
         Snow festivals cancelled, and outdoor rinks early closed.
         Children are seen climbing trees, and the squirrels hunting nuts.
         Is this the cold winter ... to which we've been accustomed???

         Photos from local cameras...filled “Eye of the Storm” ~
         (a daily local feature of our Hamilton Spec)
         with captions to arouse, instilling music in our souls!

         Snowdrops in gardens display their beauteous blooms
         and trilliums in the woodlands poke through snow and moss.
         Last week, one morn, large snowflakes gently fell
         but melted as they roof-topped touched and settled on warm earth.
         A picture of a robin (wondering...why so early he returned)
         crouched (with feathers all a-fluffed) on a red-berried holly;
         his colours, camouflaged so well, 'mid snow, greeny leaves, browny twigs.
         Another pic of pristine-blue and numerous flying gulls
         as they soared and they swooped along our waterfront park.
         A mallard duck...serenely the calm Bay waters
         proudly fanned...his fully spread wings...for passerbys to see;
         The golden sun shimmered brilliant colours...of his neck and his head.

A “Herald” is also a person hired to take care of the objects of a family's heraldry. People in medieval times, used family banners and shields to express their identity and status in society. Heraldry includes a family motto and
 a family “coat of arms”.

I reflect upon our weather scene and heralded early Spring, believing a plaque
or “coat of arms” should be created in its honour..

If I were an artist, I'd sketch a tall maple and a lofty pine tree
to present a panorama of the message I intend:
birds chirping home, building nests and lay their fragile eggs;
 snowflakes drifting ever so slowly on grass, soon to sprout green;
the sky's other half would deploy a gentle rain;
then, between these condensations, the sun I would place
with a pastel coloured rainbow...arc-ing...from heaven to earth;
finally a pair of fawn-coloured stags with racks of large antlers
on either side of a motto that decrees ~

Each day provides its own gifts.
We are “alive” within Life's mysteries!

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written March 13, 2012
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  1. Dear Merle,

    I also love Spring and we are bringing it to us earlier this year... and enjoying it longer.
    My heart jumps when I see the colours in our gardens as they start blooming out of their beds of lush greenery. My Dog and I walk silently along our little city streets noticing these little smiles of colour in the flowers.
    Aww... A Bit Of Heaven On Earth !


    1. Many love preference is Spring!
      A Picture of Life! I have always treasured the
      smiley look of pansies...too few people accept Nature
      for its absolute beauty from its tiny green sprout
      leaf to its struggle to achieve "full growth"
      Thanks, Sherrie