Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thrice Lucky!

(6th in series “Real Life ...  in Real Estate”)

The  players are:  Mary (Buyer Broker)
Joanne and Peter (Purchasers/Buyers)

NARRATOR:    Joanne and Peter had seen a home on Adis Avenue when  it                          was first built,  admired it and submitted an offer, but had lost                         out on purchase. However, they bought a home in the area
                        and remained ...getting to love the  neighbourhood greatly.                                
Six years later, Peter noticed that the home they had previously offered
was again  For Sale.  Their offer this time, lost to a purchase with fewer conditions to be met.                        

Two years passed ... the home again was on the market For Sale.
By the time he contacted his Sales Representative, it was sold, conditional
upon financing. However, to Peter's good fortune, the financing fell through.
Mary contacted him and Joanne that “luck was  on their side”.

MARY:   May I speak with Peter?  Hi Peter, this is Mary.                        
You called with regards to Adis Avenue.  The financing could not be arranged 
and the house is still For Sale.  Are you still interested?
PETER:  Oh, No!  I just bought a new car.  I may not qualify for a mortgage.

MARY:    Well, Peter...check with your bank.  It's possible you may still qualify.

PETER:   OK...I'll call you in a couple days.

NARRATOR:   Mary received a call from Peter the next day to schedule an appointment  to show the home to his family.  She was then invited to their
home to structure an offer conditional upon the sale of their property.

JOANNE:  Now, remember,  Mary...if we don't get Adis, we are not moving! 
And if we get “bumped” just come and remove the sign from our lawn
...and don't even call us!

NARRATOR:   Talk about motivation!  Mary was under the gun...but it was
an exciting challenge.  The market was still “hot” and quite likely that Peter
and Joanne would get “bumped”.  Mary decided to hold Open Houses...
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; on Thursday, buyers came who were
interested  and wanted  to purchase Peter and Joanne's home.
Negotiations were not easy, but finally both Vendor and Purchaser agreed
on the price and waited anxiously 5 days for financing approval!

MARY:   Hi Joanne...have you looked out your front window this morning yet?


MARY:   Put the phone down ... Go open your front door!

NARRATOR:   All Mary could hear in the background was a Joyous Scream and Joanne calling out to her husband, “Peter...we're moving.  There's a
Sold sticker on our sign!!!”

JOANNE:   Thank you Mary!  Thank  you So Much!  You have no idea how 
Happy you have made us!

NARRATOR:   Well, it was the day before moving and Mary scheduled an appointment to view Adis again with her excited buyers.  It was time to say
Adieus.  Mary shook Peter's hand and wished him continued happiness.

JOANNE:   Come here please, Mary.  This hug is for making my Dream Home
become a Reality!

NARRATOR:   As  Mary looked into Joanne's eyes, there were loving tears.
As a realtor, Mary realized “how wonderful the feeling is” when success
finally results from a “good working relationship!”

“Pearl of Wisdom”
Don't give up on anyone.
Miracles happen every day!

Listen carefully.
Opportunity sometimes knocks gently.

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . rewritten December 18, 2011
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