Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Symphonic Balcony

Last eve, the thunder was a portent!
...”do we need this rain?” I ask.
Mother Nature must so believe!
The clouds dropped a steady drizzle
before pelting down on tarmac, grass and windows.

The morn wakened with a promise of sun.
I ope' the balcony door...feeling the air.
I notice the raindrops...like jewels
hung from the railings, table and chairs...
predicting, “It'll be...a fine weather day!”

I'm knitting socks so colourfully striped
~ the blues, the greys, raspberry and gold ~
for a friend who loves warm feet when she's a-bed.
With a cup of hot coffee, I step outside...
with cushions to pad the wrought iron chair.

The size 12 needles joyfully knit.
I lovingly observe the progression of colours.
The coffee...it stimulates me
as I contemplate and muse...many thoughts.
'Tis a reverie (requiem-like) ~ an aura of pleasant solitude.

The sun is golden and the clouds puff proudly.
The light zephre breeze...gently wafts.
The branches sway with welcoming arms.
The birds, they sing...as in a chorus of voices
with “arias” by soloists in the green leafy trees.

The soprano sings, “Free-dom, Free-dom, Free-dom” from a faraway tree.
The contralto responds with her “Chicory, Chicory,Chic”.
The tenor adds chirps of “Paree, Paree, Paree”.
With his basso-profundo, “Caw, Caw,Caw,” rasply sung by a jet black crow.
A woodpecker,”Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch's” from his maple abode
and the mourning dove trills with “Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.”.

There's much repetition of message(s).
Performing in concert, they echo their songs,
like actors on stage in a wooded scene.
They serenade me with gladness and harmony plus.
They believe I'm a “bird”, perched on Balcony Three!

The breezes gain strength and the branches strongly wave.
Soon the bird voices quiet...sense impending rain.
A couple greyish clouds now menace the sky.
Then a rolling thunder rumble interrupts the peace.
Janine and her doggie ...cease their sauntering walk.
I rescue my cup, yarn and needles...fearing rain, like the birds.
Thunder again! The sun hides from view!

Briefly...the interlude concludes.
The menacing clouds...had quickly scudded.
Through the opening sky, the sun burst forth.
Gather knitting craft and sun glasses,
I retreat...to my Third Floor Perch
overlooking...the green leafy trees!

(Idea...and phrases came to mind as I knitted and purled;
these I jotted on paper as dictated by the happenings;
too good to “let go”, I created “this almost silly writing”.)

Merle Baird-Kerr
June 23, 2011


  1. MDMerle,
    How originally brilliant of you to construct and share this moment of endearment to you.
    ...Not Silly at all. BRILLIANT!

  2. I have discovered that many people fail to observe the "simple pleasures that Nature provides"...you and I tell "our stories"; the birds "tell their stories"...if we but "listen", we would understand more.
    Thank You Sol for your understanding mind, your appreciation and continual inspiration to me.