Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reflections of the Sky Nation

The Thunder-beings were busy giving birth to new clouds, sending them to dance in the blue playground of sky. Grandfather Sun provided the glittering sunbeams, which acted like jump ropes for today's newborn white, puffy Cloud People.

One of the most curious little clouds wandered off on the winds. She decided she was going to have a talk with Sacred Mountain. “Grandmother Mountain, I've come to ask you if your forests need rain today,” she said. “I want to be of service, and so I thought I had better find out what is needed most.”

Sacred Mountain told the little cloud that there was plenty of moisture today, but the little one could help in another way. Sacred Mountain taught the little cloud how to understand the thoughts and questions that the human beings were having. It was fun for the little cloud to capture the waves of human thoughts rising from the Earth and to answer the humans' unspoken questions by becoming shapes that formed a series of ideas. The needed answers were found through the linking ideas.

The little cloud approached Sacred Mountain at the end of the day with another question that caused Cloud to have a heavy heart. “Grandmother Mountain, I've worked hard all day to reflect helpful answers to the Human Tribe, but now I have one very important question. How can I get them to look up and pay attention?”

Merle Baird-Kerr
written June 12, 2011

Isn't this delightful?

In the opening of my blog in early March (2011),
“Introduction” to The Kaleidoscope of Life reads,
Various patterns and colours can be seen which I equate to Life! 
With every 'turn' of the road, we face a new experience.
 Circumstances affect us... either positively or negatively.”

Most articles published are personal to me...which I share with you.
Hopefully, you enjoy and appreciate
the drama, the excitement, the disappointments, the humour I write.

In research of supporting facts, I discover other valuable information
which profoundly stirs my emotions and in Native American Indians.
I learned much about their culture and philosophies!
I trust you have been inspired with this series...and are also impressed.
I sincerely welcome your comments.

To crown the completion of “my Indians”, I recommend you view
a beautiful website...depicting art work on feathers...Magnificent!
Top 10 Amazing Paintings on Feathers” by Julie Thompson.

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