Thursday, July 14, 2011

A "Personalized Licence Plate"

The day was July 11, 2011.
The "Interstate 90” lengthened before me.
Cruise Control at 110 kph ~
I moved with the traffic
as it exceeded the 120's
from east of Syracuse to west of Rochester.

A car intrigued me as it passed on my right.
A lone male driver was at its wheel.
How Astonished I was! To view this auto!
It was the style of my father's
which one time I described to a long time friend:
with long sloping back
from top of rear window to bumper at its tail.
~ I had thought it a Chrysler ~
but nowhere on Internet could I locate it!

The refurbished blue car was a beauty!
With gleaming chrome and colour so shiny.
Had a personalized plate “OUR 49”.
The name on the trunk bore the name
BUICK BUICK ( Well, Well, Well!)

My Dad's similar car was a smokey grey
with narrow red stripes along both sides.
It had “white walls” and windows the same.
Now I have a picture, Internet downloaded
of the car my Father owned and so proudly drove.

Merle Baird-Kerr
July 13, 2011


  1. I love Personalized Plates... we play a game guessing their meaning. I would take your meaning to understand that... That was your Daddy saying Hi to his Little Girl Merle... How Sweet... You know how mystical I can be...
    By the way, welcome home !
    Sherrie xoxo

  2. As you write, Sherrie, personalized plates can be silly..others interesting and informative...yes, I guess the intended message from such. "OUR 49" was of special significance to me! Your interpretation, I Love...a Simple Pleasure which arrow-ed to my heart and solved a piece of personal history. Thank you, Dear Friend!