Sunday, February 22, 2015

Poetic Compassion

LOVE is the Poetry of the Senses. (Honore de Balzac)
LOVE is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. (Aristotle)

One Love!  One Heart!  Let's Get Together
and Feel all right!  (sung by Bob Marley)

Love is the balm that contains the power of healing.  Love is the great refiner and beautifier. Love is more!  Love is the key to every door. It is the creative reality behind every ardent hope. Love is the cohesive power of the it holds families together, the entire world and the universe.
If love were withdrawn,
all things would fall apart and disintegrate. When a human being eliminates love from his/her life, he too begins to fall apart. Love is not only eternal...but it is the most desirable element to possess.
(Analee Skavin)

Several years ago, a long time friend (a High School English teacher) sent the following compassionate message to a personal friend who felt that her world waiting-to-be-fulfilled, was 'falling apart'...due to a relationship that failed to develop because of extenuating circumstances.

She wrote ~  “Love”...a philosophical poem based on my experiences
which hopefully will help you through the days ahead:

Love, unlike the fairy tale
Is not 'happily-ever-after.'
Love is like the rising sun
Which creeps up silently,
Predicting, but unexpectedly,
A new time every day...
Flooding the morning sky
With pink and golden beauty.

Then moving restlessly,
Advancing on high
To a dazzling blue zenith.
The climax of its destiny...
Fulfillment of its journey...
Trembling triumphantly...
But hovering only briefly.

Then dipping slowly, gradually;
Diffusing gently,
Lingering reluctantly
At the edge of the horizon...
Flooding the evening sky
With a final defiant display
Of warmth and golden beauty.
Until the fall of darkness.

Then...sadness and loneliness ~
Yet, with the dawn
A new Love will be born!

* * * * * * *

Words of Wisdom

The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.
(Jacques Benigne Bossue)

No matter, how dark the moment,
love and hope are always possible.
(George Chakiris)

Don’t let anyone…EVER dull your Sparkle!

Merle Baird-Kerr...created February 1, 2015
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  1. RITA WRITES: "My Dear Merle ~ So many heartfelt messages...most about love...perhaps prompted by the romance of Valentine's Day. Your communication is often uplifting...and arrives when I seem to need it most. However, I share what might be the most loving and profound message Arnold left me a few hours before he passed away, asking me to read these words to him. 'You are braver than you believe...stronger than you seem...and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is (even if we're apart)...I'll always be with you.' We should all leave a personal message of love to the ones we care truly makes the parting easier." Love and Best Wishes.

  2. Rita, your comments are so soul-true! And pleased you find the article inspiring. Arnold's words are ones you will always treasure. It is so important that family, especially, knows how much we love and care ...and will always remember them.