Monday, December 29, 2014

Journey on a Train

(with compliments to Sherrie who submitted this to me July 2014

Life is like a journey on a train...with its stations...with changes of routes...and with accidents.
At birth, we boarded the train and met our parents, believing they'll always travel by our side.
However, at some station, our parents will step down from the train...
leaving us on this journey alone. As time goes by, other people will board the train;
and they will be significant...our siblings, our friends and our children.

Many will step down leaving a  permanent vacuum; others'll  go unnoticed,
not realizing they vacated. The train ride will be full of joy, sorry, fantasy, expectations, hellos,
good-byes and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers...
requiring that we give the best of ourselves.
The mystery to everyone is: 
We do not know at which station, we ourselves will step down. 
So we must live in the best...
and offer the best of who we are to any time.

It is important to do this, 
because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty ~ 
we should leave many memories for those 
who will continue to travel on the train of life.
I wish you a joyful journey for the coming year on the Train of Life.
Gather success and give lots of sincere love.
More importantly, thank God for the journey!
Lastly, I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train.

Advice from a Train

God's given you a ticket for passage through Life.
Always be punctual according to departures.
Set specific goals to reach destinations.
Greet all passengers, with a smile on your face.
Your guide's the Him thro' your travel.

Be not shunted, nor become de-railed.
Keep your wheels shining; keep clogging along.
Keep  your pistons strong and your engine well-fueled.
Each bend on the track is a new experience.
Silver rails will carry you from depot to depot.

Enjoy the mountain views and fast flowing rivers;
Even through valleys, keep eyes on the horizon.
“Always smell the roses,” a poet once said,
For Life is Gift ~  ready to Unfold!
All Aboard ~ Train No. 2-0-1-5

(Poem penned by MB-K ...Dec.18, 2014)

In addition to the foregoing, I send you a magnificent train ride through various countries sent to me  by Tom.  Life can be ‘just as beautiful’ if we open our hearts and minds. Travelling on this scenic ride is rewarding…whether through Canada, United States, Europe…or wherever you may be.

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  1. SHERRIE WRITES: "I love your train analogy about Life...very well done! Makes one think about 'the stops along the way'."

  2. In "A Train Ride for the Holidays" sent to me by was a perfect 'fit' for the New Year's topic. In the email article...I was thrilled to see the Amtrak Train and also Canada's Canadian National touring our country.
    Thanks always, Sherrie, for your continuing interest.

  3. KEVIN HAKNEY WRITES: "To 'Real Estate's Hat Lady'...
    Contents of this website are generally great and appreciated."
    He comments from Millinery in NY and handmade hats.

  4. Dear Kevin...So pleased to hear from you. I had a sizeable collection of various styles and colours to co-ordinate with my attire of the day. The Hat was my business 'trademark' .
    Although, now retired, I've kept about half of them.