Monday, December 1, 2014

Collage...for December 2014

 I trust all readers have appreciated  the info on this past year's monthly 'Collage'.
Beginning in January 2015, I'll present a new format of interest.
(I'd also welcome suggestions from you ~  my reader audience.)

From Planet Earth Calender
Nature's Light Show:  The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is a spectacular display of moving lights in the sky.  Visible in the northern sky, it most often occurs from September to October and from March to April.  The phenomenon is so striking and so unusual, that even learned folk through the ages have been at a loss to explain the cause. While the effect is dramatic, the cause is simple:

The sun gives off charged particles called 'ions' that trail into space at speeds up to 750 miles (1200 km) per second. Forming a solar wind, the 'ions' interact with the edge of Earth's magnetic field. When the particles  collide with the gases in the atmosphere, they start to slow...producing the  spectacle that we can see with our own eyes.  The dancing array of colours consists, green, blue and violet.

Did You Know?
(from the Canadian Wildlife Federation 2014 calendar)
The Black-Capped Chickedee is a small songbird found throughout Canada.  It is the Provincial Bird of New Brunswick...and is well adapted to Canada's cold winters.

Message from the Canadian Red Cross
Its December calendar depicts a dramatic Northern Lights scene
in shades of swirling greens and smoke gray fields...
photographed in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

Imagine if a 'natural disaster' separated you from your family. What if armed conflict tore your community apart...and you did not know if your loved ones were safe???  The Red Cross Restoring Family Links Program plays a vital role in reducing the anguish of nearly one million families separated by war and crisis every year!

Niagara Falls and Great Gorge
(from Niagara Falls Canada Calendar 2014)
Night photo of Falls in Winter Colour Splendour!
Niagara Parks ~  an agency of the Government of Canada since 1885...helps preserve the nature and the heritage of the Falls and the Niagara River corridor.  Of  Interest:  A spectacular New Year's Eve party is annually held in this “Honeymoon Capital of the World”!  You may wish to attend.

Special Event Days
December 5 (Friday) ~ International Volunteer Day
December 10 (Wednesday) ~ Human Rights Day
December 13 (Saturday) ~  All Santa Claus Race *
December 17 (Wednesday) ~ Hanukkah begins
December 21 (Sunday) ~ Winter Solstice
December 24 (Wednesday) ~ Christmas Eve
December 25 (Thursday ~ Christmas Day
December 26 (Friday) ~ Boxing Day
December 31 (Thursday) ~ New Year's Eve
                          * Canada’s First and Largest ‘Santa Race’ 9 a.m. Burlington City Hall.

 May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive
which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love.
(Lao Baird)

And for New Year's Eve, I send this Chinese Proverb:
“Every Journey begins with One Step.”

December Musings

Happy, Happy Christmas...that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days...recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth...and transport the traveller back to his own fireplace and quiet home.
(Charles Dickens)

At Christmas, I no more desire a rose,
than wish a snow in May's new-fangled mirth;
But, like of each thing…that in season, brings.
(William Shakespeare)

May you have the Gladness of Christmas which is Hope;
the Spirit of Christmas which is Peace;
the Heart of Christmas which is Love.
(Ada V. Hendricks)

John Burroughs comments about winter:
It is the life in the crystal...the architect in the flake;
the fire in the frost...the soul in the sunbeam.
The crisp winter air is full of it.

He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer
will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.
The stars seem to have re-kindled their fires...
the moon achieves a fuller triumph!

Katharine S. White states,  “There are for us 3 gardens:
the garden outdoors...the garden of pots and bowls in the house
...and the garden of the mind's eye.

The holly and the ivy...when they are both full grown:
Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown.
Oh, the rising of the sun...and the running of the deer,
The playing of the merry organ, sweet singing of the choir.
(Christmas Carol)

Merle Baird-Kerr...compiled November 22, 2014
Wishing all a Healthy and Happy Season.


  1. SHERRIE WRITES: "I love December...and you gave this month a wonderful tribute! I love all those special days and My Birthday on
    December 6."

  2. Well, Sherrie...always supportive of my writings! December, every year to me, earns its true tribute...un-commercialized. December 6? "Another year younger...another year wiser!" has long been my mandate...may it be yours also!