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Senses ~ the Gift of Nature

These Five External Senses are subject to reason...
which, properly employed, confirms the
true, wholesome Regulations of Nature.
She distinguishes Good from Bad.

The objects of human knowledge are innumerable and the channels by which the knowledge is conveyed are few.  Humans also have the Sense of Balance, Pressure, Temperature, Pain and Motion.
These various “new senses” all work together and may involve
the co-ordinated use of the 5 Sense Organs.

You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction  you choose.
You're on your own and you are the guy who'll decide where to go.
(Dr. Seuss)

Other Senses (that may number to 21 plus or minus)

Thirst...allows your body to monitor its hydration level, so your body knows when to tell you to drink.

Hunger...your body detects when you need something to eat.

Many other Senses of our everyday activities are utilized in decision-making.  These are more abstract and/or psychological in Nature. My writings on this topic conclude with the following:

Time ~ is debatable, as no singular mechanism has been found that allows people to perceive it; however, experimental data has been conclusively shown that  “Humans have a startling accurate Sense  of Time, particularly in younger years.”

Horse Sense is sound practical  judgement which we also term Common Sense.  If your teacher states you  have “Horse Sense”, consider it a compliment.  People with this Sense are smart and practical and can be counted on to make good decisions.

The Lion has his Roar…the Cheetah has his Speed…the Spider has his Web
…the Porcupine his Quills…and the Skunk his Odour
…each with its protection-sense attribute.

The “Sixth Sense”
 is the Power of Perception and Keen Intuition
...independent of the Five Senses.

Horses, like us, have 5 Senses:  Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch.  But, unlike us, they have an inborn 6th Sense ~ feeling Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Joy and Relaxation. Horses read Body Language extremely well.  These qualities affect how the mount reacts to the rider.

My daughter, an equestrian, riding “Jumper” for about 9 years, demonstrated a Sixth Sense with horses she trained and rode.  Like a Love Affair, they understood and respected each other.  These traits are strongly conducive to the success of all horses and riders who compete in all divisions: Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Cross-Country and the Grand Prix.

Many humans cannot comprehend the intelligence of animals and birds
and the relationships formed between them and mankind.
Remember Joy Adamson, a naturalist, artist and author best known for her book Born Free, who raised a lion cub in Kenya whom she named Elsa?

Remember Dian Fossey, an America activist who spent about 18 years, not only befriending but also defending  Rwanda's  rare mountain gorillas?

Remember author and conservationist Lawrence Anthony who rescued elephant herds, saving their lives in an endangered situation?  When he died in March, these elephant herds inexplicably gathered to mourn South Africa's “Elephant Whisperer.”  For two hours, the two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand bush until they arrived at  his home.  They loitered for two full days at his rural abode  in the vast Thula Thula Game say Good-bye to the man they loved...before returning to their protected habitat. 
How did they know he died March 7th?
Elephants have long been  known to mourn the dead among their herds.

A few months ago, I read a true story of an American who rescued a badly injured eagle.  He had necessary surgery performed, then rehabilitated this raptor at his home. So closely attached to each other, Man and Bird visited the elderly, the sick, hospital patients and schools to bring a Sense of Joy to their lives.  The Eagle never left the Man's side!

Did these persons not have that 6th Sense with Nature?

A Sense-ful Request...

TO SELECT ONE (or more) OF THE FOLLOWING SENSES.  KINDLY WRITE AND SEND ME YOUR EXPERIENCE RELATED TO IT. Simply write it as you would relate it…maximum 350 words and forward to me by the end of August. Your submission(s) I'd love to post at a later date. 
To recognize and pay tribute to you,
I’ll use your First Name...or, if you prefer...An Interested  Reader.
Happy Writing!

Sense of Acceptance, of Appeal, of Appreciation, of Assurance, of Beauty, of Despair, of Direction.
Sense of  Fear, of Humour, of Independence, of Justice, of Loss, of Peace, of Power, of Purpose.
Sense of Relief, of Revenge, of Richness, of Security, of Style, of Urgency, of Value, of Victory.
Sense of Wonder...or one of any others that at the moment fail to come to my mind.

Henry Mencken states:
A man loses his Sense of Direction after 4 drinks.
A woman loses hers after 4 kisses.

Merle Baird-Kerr....compiled June 28, 2014
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