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Five Basic Senses ~ Part 5

The 5 traditional recognized methods of perception or sense are:

 *The McCormick-Deering tractor's low rumble...the jangle of working-farm-machinery...on a frosty winter day the ringing of a dozen sleigh bells on the  horses' harness…the far-away-freight-train whistle at rural road-crossings ~ each and every  sound clearly heard, permeating the open-countryside where the air is pure (unpenetrated by an urban’s noisy drone and often its layer of thick humid smog). * Bought new (to replace the farm horses), my father cranked it to start; the big rear wheels were attached with several lugs which later he removed and upgraded to tires.


Our ears, which help us hear, are made of 2 separate parts:  the outer ear and the inner ear.  The outer ear is the part that others see.  It works like a cup to catch sound as it travels past our heads.  This part is made of cartilage and skin.  From here, sound travels to the tympanic membrane and then onto the inner ear which translates vibrations into sound and sends that message to the brain through the auditory nerve.  The brain uses the sounds from both the left and right ear to determine distance  and the direction of sounds. (Consider the telephone.)

Not only is a Good Listener popular everywhere,
but after a while, he gets to know something.
(Wilson Mizner ~ playwrite and raconteur)

Paying Attention

In school studies, I determined that students who “pretend to listen” are actually “daydreaming” ~ mind-dreaming, I'd call it with sundry other ideas and thoughts formulating in their heads. Then there are the “half-paying-attention-listeners” who HEAR you, but do not LISTEN!  They skim your words to glean the “gist of the conversation.”  Then they comment indirectly which may not be in reference to what was spoken.  Often, a question is asked of them and consequently, the listener, not fully paying attention to the details, responds with something other than the direct answer.

G.K. Chesterton stated:
There is a lot of difference between hearing and listening!

But, Why?

A High School student, who is academically intelligent, came home with test results ~ very upset without perfect marks!  Of 20 or more questions, she answered all.  However, she garnered very low points on one question.  Grieving with her father about this, and extremely agitated, she said, “I wrote a whole page answer about it!!!”  Her father asked, “What was the question?”  Defending her situation, she again told him she had written a whole page response!  After rereading her lengthy answer, he asked her to show him the “answer to the question”. She had written much superfluous info which didn't apply.

Reading questions Carefully and Listening intently to Conversations
will result in better communication.

You Called?  I Heard You!

Scottish Highland Cattle are a breed with lengthy horns and long shaggy, wavy coats usually black or reddish. “Highlands” are a hardy breed due to the rugged nature of their native Scottish Highlands ~ high rainfall and very strong winds.

The summer following two years of teaching I hooked up with a two-month European vacation. After arriving in Glasgow, a tour bus and driver took us into the Scottish Highlands.  In a rural area, we stopped to observe several Highland cattle on the far side of a field adjacent to our roadway.  Exiting the bus, we stood along the bordering fence. One of the bulls bellowed to the nearby cows;  one of our passengers, a High School teacher from Hamilton, returned the bull's call...bellow for bellow which was a great imitation that entertained us all.  Finally, the bull, with one final raucous bellow, charged across the field toward us. We, along with Ken, made a hasty escape to the bus!

Another Connotation

A “HEARING” may be conducted in an informal manner. Adherence to the rules of evidence applicable to judicial proceedings is not required. The “hearing” shall...inform the person of the charges...give the accused an opportunity to respond...review the facts of the case...determine if any violation was committed...recommend any disciplinary sanction to be imposed upon the facts, as determined at “the Hearing”.


A man noticed his neighbour boy sitting on the sidewalk outside his house.  The little boy told  him he was running away from home.  “You haven't gotten very far,” said the man.  The little boy replied,  “My mother told me I wasn't allowed to cross the road by myself.”  He had listened and heeded her instruction.

Listening to Nature...by John Muir....
(a Scottish-born American environmentalist)

 He is best remembered as the great champion of Yosemite's  natural wonders. 
He believed that Nature was a primary source revealing the character of God.

As long as I live, I'll HEAR waterfalls and birds and winds sing.
I'll interpret the rocks ~ learn the language of the flood, storm and avalanche.
I'll acquaint myself with glaciers and wild gardens ~
and get as near the Heart of the World as I can.

Watch for my next posting ~ Senses...The Gift of Nature.

Written by Merle Baird-Kerr...June 27, 2014
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