Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Wish for 2014

If I had just one wish
I know what it would be.
I'd tell my wonderful friends
Just what they mean to me!

This great year
has quickly passed
And now we face the New Year
That's almost here at last.

One thing I'd really like to do
Is say “Thank You, My Friends,
For all the special greetings
That you always send.”

I wish you days that are merry;
May your nights be starry and bright.
I pray that the New Year
For you...will be just right!

(the foregoing poem sent last year to me...from Sydney)

Now...I reflect on many activities
That used to be of interest:
Tennis, golf, skiing, dance ~
My heart says, “Yes” but my strength says, “No!”

Yet, I'll always love winter every year
With its glory of sparkling snow;
Evergreens laden, frost patterned windows,
'Tis season with joy of ski and skate.

Many were the times we prayed for snow!
It was the passion we had for a weekend ski.
Georgian Peaks, Blue Mountain, Horseshoe Valley;
Possibly The Laurentians 'tween Christmas and New Year.

Marnie's Volkswagen was our transportation;
 Skis and poles on the roof; bags and boots in the trunk.
We'd meet at 6:30 AM before the sunrise;
Arriving before lifts opened and ski all day.

Often, we followed tracks of the plow;
(We'd worry much later 'bout our homeward drive.)
If the snow was crisp...the hills very fast ~
Exhilaration was we skied most runs.

The only injury I had ~ a sprained right thumb;
More than once,  saw stars in my head
Taking a fall on an icy mogul
Or challenging some steepness beyond my skill.

Aah!  Those were the days...I still envision
A cosy chalet near the mountain's base;
 I'd  look above to the swaying gondola
 Soaring to the peak…thrilling  the downhill schuss.

I agree with Lady Bird Johnson who stated,
When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season,
I'll know I'm growing old.”

My wish for you...Dear Friends
Is to discover your passion within.
Set Goals, Believe...and you will Succeed!

“What Day is this?” asked Pooh as he and Piglet walked in the snow.
“It's Today!” squeaked Piglet.
“My Favourite Day!” said Pooh.

Crafted by Merle Baird-Kerr … December 6, 2013
Comments always welcome...e-mail to:  or
(Tell me of your winter adventures)


  1. My Dear Friend Sherrie writes: "What a lovely and heartfelt tribute to all your friends who love and encourage you!"

  2. Thank you for your endearing words ~ they always encourage and incite me further express my thoughts, musings and recall of memories past. I trust my writings instill those desires in others.

  3. Richard writes: "I liked your New Year's message about friends and particularly your description of the good old days skiing. I still enjoy what you outlined and would hope you could share part of it with a visit to my resort here.

  4. Your response, Richard is much appreciated...and I even envy you with the physical ability you have to continue your sport and adventure games in which you are now involved. do enjoy!