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Motivations & Smiles for June

(gleaned from my collection of “yearly calendar quotes”)

Your are the bows, from which your children,
as living arrows, are sent forth.  (Khalil Gibran)

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. (Jonathan Swift)

Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.  (Thomas Alva Edison)

Practise is the best of all instructors.  (Publilius Syrus)

Energy and Persistence conquer all things.  (Benjamin Franklin).

Grace and Beauty command the world.  (Park Benjamin).

Positive Thinking:  Keep your face to the sunshine and  you cannot see the shadows. 
                                 (Helen  Keller)

Go the Distance:  When you accept a task, finish it.  (Anonymous)

Once you're can keep moving.  (Ronald Alan Weiss)

The City of Happiness is the State of Mind.  (Anonymous)

From Marie's  2013 Motivation Calendar with Invitation to Action:
Envision a mystic scene of a man viewing a sand beach and placid blue river
gently winding between a valley and tall rugged soaring mountain ~
brilliantly back-lit by low-riding white cloud.
Explore:  In any field, find the strangest thing and then explore it!
(John Archibald Wheeler)

Special Event Days

June 5 ~ World Environmental Day is celebrated each year on this date to raise global awareness of the  need to take positive environmental action.  Begun in 1972, it is a program run by the United Nations.       

       ~ Canadian Clear Air Day: a federal campaign encouraging people to adopt habits that will improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Avoid driving whenever you can, especially alone.  Take the bus, car-pool, cycle, roller-blade or walk.

June 8 ~ World Oceans Day: Together we have the power to protect the ocean!  Dry land covers just 30%  of the planet.  The ocean is our planet's unsung hero...the origin of life.The Great Barrier Reef  is the largest living structure on Earth.  Its blue whale is bigger than any dinosaur that ever walked on the land.  Humans have explored less than 10% of the ocean (although using its waters for transportation, travel and business)!  to discover how YOU can make a difference.

June 9 ~ Canadian Rivers Day promotes Canada's waterways...currently under the administration of Parks Canada Agency.  Did you know that weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) TVO features Canadian Rivers...a colourful and historic view of a selected river anywhere from northern Canada  to rivers from the Pacific to the Atlantic.I enjoy these programs immensely...many, previously unknown to me.

June 9 to 15 ~ Canadian Environment Week recognizes and celebrates the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Metis people of Canada.

June 13 to 16 ~ Sound of Music Festival...attended by thousands yearly in Burlington, Ontario. Beginning on Thursday evening to Sunday, this annual 4-day summer musical extravaganza is FREE and appeals to all generations.

June 16 ~ Father's honour all fathers and father-figures.

June 21~ National Aboriginal Day which coincides with  Summer Solstice and First Day of Summer.  This day recognizes and celebrates the cultures and contributions of all the First Nation, Inuit and Metis people in our country.

June 23 ~ Full Moon.

June 24 ~ Saint Jean-Baptiste Day....the feast of St. John the Baptist, a Jewish preacher who baptized Jesus in the River Jordan; it is a day celebrated in Quebec and other areas of French Canada.

Did You Know?

During the summer months, many leatherback sea turtles are born on the beaches of the Caribbean and lower eastern US coastal areas.  Later in life, many of these turtles will spend much of the year in Canadian waters, feeding mostly on jellyfish and other invertebrates.

Canadian Animal of the Month

The beaver is a well known animal famous for its engineering skills and is symbol of Canada..  Its best known structure, the dam, is built only by beavers that need to enlarge the underwater habitat that will be open to them in winter, providing a year-round-place to store food and regular access to their lodge.The beaver is Canada’s largest rodent; an adult  from 45 to 60 pounds can live up to 30 years.

Today you can see the Canadian Beaver on the back of the Canadian five cent coin. Trappers went across the country to hunt them and bring back the pelts for use in clothing and trade…very important to the country’s early economy.

The Beaver (magazine)  was first published in1920 by the Hudson Bay Company; and is still being published today.

Beavers can hold their breath up to 10 to 15 minutes underwater.

Beavers are also prevalent in United States.  On my drive back from  California to Hamilton, Ontario in 2001, I was privileged to observe a beaver in Colorado diligently working to build his lodge in a quiet mountain stream only a few feet from my vehicle...location was beyond Twin Lakes en route to Aspen.

                                             Crafted by Merle Baird-Kerr...May 28, 2013
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