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Finding Your Personality

Homes are often designed specifically to the last detail with décor that seems
to bear little relationship to the way people actually live.
          Deer antlers may adorn the walls of people who most certainly don't hunt.
          Vintage typewriters sit on school desks too small to be functional.
          Books are arranged by colour to reflect some “perceived notion of
          good design”...although these books may seldom have been read.

Elaine Miller, who writes a design blog, states, “People are insanely self-conscious.
People act like they're always being watched...even their home is a “performance”.
Mythical Hollywood glamour “telegraphs” that the resident leads a life as rich as
socialite and is constantly entertaining to create reality (???)!

Another designer suggests,”Set the mood to 'showcase your personality' with
plants and your favourite hues.  Create a harmonious effect or create contrasts
with unexpected combinations.”

You may rightfully ask , “What is the connection between house design and our
personalities?”  Actually, there is much to be learned from professional designers.

In a previous writing, I referred to my teenage years when trying to emulate
Mary White...whom I admired...musing, “If I could be just like her, I'd be happy!”
A long-time-friend, Stella, advised, “Be Yourself!”  Great Advice...but How?

Conclusively, from the three foregoing examples, the “personality in homes”
is often artificial and reflects the owners' desires to create an ambiance that
relatives, friends and the public would admire...thus boosting the ego of the
“home portrayers”. 

Yes, we dream and yearn to develop harmony within our lifestyles.
Stepping “out of the box” having gained knowledge and experience
is conducive to “a new you”!

Personality is the typical pattern
of thinking, feeling and behaviors
that make a person unique.

Many people want to be noticed and “stand out” ~
you too, can make your personality “stand out” in a good way.

Have the courage to be different.  People will admire your unique personality.
Be kind and considerate.  People who truly practise these virtues to everyone
they meet, can be “true to themselves and stand out”.

Guideline Steps to Developing Your Personality

Don't be Loud!  Other people find noisy persons to be obnoxious and annoying.

Exercise Your Brain ~ with games discovered that you didn't know existed
to fight “brain decline and aging”.

Know when it is Right to Argue with Someone.  Learn to accept that others
may be right...and you may be wrong.

Know when to Speak Up.  Defend Friends in Tough Situations.

Don't be Afraid to Talk to Others.  Always look people in the eye
when you are talking with them.

Remember to Stand up Tall and never Slouch.

Having a Sense of Humour is a Plus.

Remember...Personality doesn't mean that  you should have Looks!
You should have confidence in your eyes, in your voice and your face
which should reflect to others.

Create a Special Trademark for  yourself.  This is “dynamite”!
          Recall that Pierre Trudeau wore a flower in his suit lapel.
          Area Managers (?) for Mary Kay Cosmetics drove pink Cadillacs.
          The Hat ~ complementing each outfit ~ became my trademark
          in many years of Real Estate.

When you have accomplished the foregoing, here are a few TIPS to follow:
          Keep a smart head....and keep cool!
          Don't doubt yourself...have trust!
          Don't copy anyone.
          Create your own personal styles.
          Be executive in dress; be “chic” even in casual wear.
          Read more…to have better and far-sighted opinions.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

An article in the June 7th issue of the Hamilton Spectator
written by Robert Howard (Submissions Editor)
prompted me to write about Personalities.
A few excerpts from

Elizabeth: Long to Reign Over Us
will consolidate the essence of today’s blog writing.

Canadians, mostly, have real affection for our Queen, even if though, they
do not support the concept of hereditary monarchy.  Brits, by and large, adore her.

Sixty years ago, she became Queen while on an African holiday 
when her father died. He wasn't meant to be King, but became a good one 
for his courage and kindness.
She was not born to be Queen, but has become one of legend ~ much admired  
and widely loved for her life of service.  Her instincts and ability to adapt to the 
times have helped her lead the monarchy out of a period  of ridicule and dislike
 to something  far more likely to survive her than was the case 20 years ago.

There is little if any privilege to being Queen.  It is life in a gilded cage.  But,
from the start of her reign, Elizabeth embraced the concept of duty ~ perhaps
even more so because of the uncle, Edward, who did not, and abdicated for
his personal happiness.

The Queen is known for her sharp intelligence, her quick sense of humour,
her ability to relate to people of any description.  But it is perhaps our
understanding that she has worked hard her entire adult life for the good
of the people she swore to serve that has made her Diamond Jubilee
something for us all to celebrate.

To me, Elizabeth has embodied the qualities of being Queen 
in her finely honed character,  the respect of her citizens and family,
her charm and diplomacy. Over the years, she has developed
 a “persona” that is world-recognized.

                                      Queen Elizabeth ... The  Personality of a Peoples' Dream.

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written June 9, 2012
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