Sunday, June 17, 2012

Canadian Pride


Recently I read this article by Cavelle Natasha Layes
whose sentiments about Canada I proudly endorse.
It is my pleasure to share this with you.

Many people truly believe that Canadians  have no pride in their country.
I have had many people tell me this over the years and it really does baffle me.
I love my country dearly; I love what it represents; I love its natural beauty
and I love the people.

Every country celebrates their “pride” in different ways and Canada is no
exception. We may not put down other countries to make ours seem more
 powerful, or to have an “in your face attitude”  about it...and we don't really
shout out our National colours through song, but we certainly DO have pride. 
We just  celebrate in our own way.

You see, Canadian Pride has a totally different definition for us..
.a complete new meaning.  Canadian Pride isn't how someone waves a flag
or how loud they shout the national anthem; it's not even the person who has
a maple leaf painted on his (her) face. 
                              Canadian Pride is an emotion...not an action!

A perfect example of this is the 2010Vancouver event where
Canadians everywhere flooded the streets, pubs and even local halls to watch
and support our athletes.  We cheered them on ...wanting so badly for them
to win.  Not because we wanted to be better than the other countries but
because though for most of us...Alex or Ashleigh or even Jon were total
strangers, it still felt as if it was our brother, daughter and even best friend
that was standing up there on the podium.  You see that is what it means
to be Canadian...none of us are strangers...we are all family...from coast
to coast.  That is Canadian Pride!

We didn't celebrate the defeat of others...we celebrated the win of our
brother and through some sacred bond, it felt as if it were our win as well.
We may not be loud, but our hearts speak louder than words ever could
and when each of our athletes passed through the finish line or when
Crosby got that final goal, we didn't shout it in people's faces...we didn't
make a point to say we were better than anyone...instead millions of 
people across the country began to sing “Oh Canada” because at that
moment, there were no other words that could describe the pride
that we had for our country...and because it came from the heart.

This is  Canadian Pride!  It is an emotion.  It is that warm feeling that
bursts our of you.  It is something that is felt deep inside our very souls.
It's not something that can be forced upon anyone or expressed through
the waving of a flag.  It doesn't come through in how loud we sing
“Oh Canada,..but how we sing it.  Though others may not understand this,
they may view it as a weakness or a sign that we are not patriotic. 
This is only their belief! 
We will not conform to the ways of other countries
because we do not need to prove the  love for our country.
We do not need to think we are better than anyone to know that we are great.

We do not need to follow in the footsteps of other countries because that is not
what it means to be Canadian!  We will continue to express our pride in our
own way.  We will keep the humble beaver as our symbol, because though we
may be quiet...and we may not have the teeth or claws of  a tiger or a lion...
We are still powerful!   We are strong!  We are Canadian...and above all...
We are Proud!

“Pearl of Wisdom”
Don't follow where the path may lead ~
go instead where there is no path.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written June 15, 2012
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