Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Evergreen

(Dear Readers: In November 2010, I sent a small pre-Christmas gift to an American friend who loves this corner of Southern Ontario...bounded by lake, bay, escarpment and trees. The following accompanied this little tree as it travelled to an eastern New England state.)

A few days ago, I received a package of seasonal cards..depicting Christmas 
and Winter Scenes. One card was so impressive with its snowy vista...
very sparkling ...with a wooden bridge!
What can be more beautiful than snow on the Evergreens?

You love the woodlands in your fair state.
You love the forests in my homeland
with rocks and rivers, valleys and plains.
It is The Tree that breathes them Life!
Has homage ever been paid to The Tree?

In Genesis, Chapter 2 and Verse 15
of the Bible, we read,
“And out of the ground...the Lord God
made every tree grow
that's pleasant to the sight and good for food.”
In the midst of the Garden was the Tree of Life,
also the Tree of Evil and Good.
Conclusively ... considering Benefits Gained,
the results ensuing, can Positive be!

Yes, we have Arbour Day and Wilderness plantings.
We have the Maple, the Evergreens and Cherry.
It is Christmas when we focus the Tree.
The spruce, I am told, whether blue or white,
has swaying full branches and slender twigs
which hold the ornaments well.
The foliage so dense, symmetrically proportioned
make it the choice for Christmas-fest,
inviting the hands of child and teen
to adorn it for family and home.

I send you this miniature spruce
for the month of December and all winter’s magic.
A view through windows of frost and a ride thro' the snow
will paint you a picture of crystals that sparkle
and long tapered icicles that from the roof hang.

Enjoy this Gift to hang on your door.
Just battery load it and click on the switch.
The lights will twinkle with warm season's greetings.
"May the spirit of Christmas and the Magic of Winter
forever dwell ... in your your Soul."

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written November 6, 2010
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