Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift ~ Golden Wrapped

Some time ago, a man punished his 5-year old daughter, Lisa, for wasting a roll of expensive gold wrapping paper.  Money was tight and he became even more upset when the child used the gold paper to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, Lisa brought the gift box to her father the next morning and said,
“This is for you, Daddy.”  The father was embarrassed by his earlier reaction,
but his anger flared again when he found the box was empty.
He spoke to her in a harsh manner.  “Don't you know, young lady,
when you give someone a present,
there's supposed to be something  inside the box?”

Lisa looked up at her father and said, “Oh, Daddy, it's not empty.
I blew kisses  into it until it was full!”

The father was crushed.  He fell on his knees and put his arms around his little girl, Lisa and he begged her to forgive him for  his unnecessary  anger.

An accident took the life of the child only a short time later and it is told that the father kept that gold box by his bed for all the years of his life.  And whenever he was discouraged or faced difficult problems, he would open the box and take out an imaginary kiss  and remember the love of his child, Lisa, who had put it there.

In a very real sense, each of us as human beings have been given a golden box filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children, family, friends and God.  There is no more precious possession...anyone could hold. 

                     How Golden was this Gift...when Daddy Understood!!!

 Moral: Apologizing does not mean
that you are wrong and the other person is right ...
It simply means that you value the relationship
much more than your ego.

Life is Too Short to Waste!
Do not wait for the perfect time!

Whatever you want to do, do it now.
There are only so many tomorrows!

Merle Baird-Kerr . . . written November 5, 2011
(Thank you , Pary, for sending the forgoing  story)

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  1. Merle, This is a most magnificent story of love that I have ever seen. Thankyou Pary for sharing your sentiments so we can all feel like that Father did and that little Girl... It has touched me very much !
    Merry Christmas to all of you !

  2. My Favorite Blogger,
    How Wise You Are !
    This posting tells all...
    You Understand!

  3. Thank you Sol...yes, a very sentimental story...and so true to Life! When friends send me material
    like this one, I feel it significant to share with others.

  4. Sherrie...such a loyal follower you are! Articles like
    this one, I feel encouraged to share with others...Life is so precious! So grateful for your comments and interest!