Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes                                 There's an Angel on my Bed

  Through your eyes                                            I watch you sleep...
  I see the world's mine                                       your eyes peacefully closed...
  and so is the time .                                            your face calmed, relaxed
  when I'm at your side.                                       and suddenly I realize...
                                                                            There's an Angel on my bed.
  Through your eyes
   my life has meaning ~                                       I watch you sleep...
  my heart has a sound ~                                     the gentle sound of your breath;
  my soul's more alive.                                         your chest moving up and down
                                                                            and suddenly, I realize
  Through your eyes                                            There's an Angel on my bed.
  I can see my past ~
  so dark, so scary ~                                           I watch you sleep
  and then you arrived.                                       and I know of all Men
                                                                            I'm the luckiest Man on Earth!
 Through your eyes
  I can see the future ~                                       There's no doubt about this fact
  so clear, so promising ~                                   as I suddenly realize...
  so “bound to be good”.                                     There's an Angel on my bed.
  Through your eyes
  I see my own being;
  my self becomes real;
  my life becomes love.                                            Soon You'll be Here
                                                                                   Soon you'll be here.
         Pablo                                                    You'll bring us joy,
                                                                                   you'll bring us winter,
 SOON YOU'LL BE HERE                                         you'll bring us warmth.
    ...is a poem I wrote for Jessica.
                                                                                   Soon you'll be here.
  She was born before                                                We'll give you attention,
  I finished this writing.                                              we'll give you care
                                                                                   we'll give you love.
                                                                                   Soon you'll be here.  
                                                                                   Our lives will change
                                                                                   all for the best.

                                                                                  Soon you'll be here.
Submitted by Merle Baird-Kerr                          You'll make for us
        September 20, 2011                                      a whole new world!

"Evening Reverie" is a prose article I wrote a few weeks ago, 
  which I shall soon publish.

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  1. These words are truly heartfelt...and written so well M