Friday, September 16, 2011

The Leaves of Autumn

Yesterday was cool and sunny as I drove to Campbellville
to lunch at The Mohawk Inn Restaurant.
Surprisingly, I viewed the first colour paintings of Jack Frost 's
on a couple maple branches.
This article I wrote last year...describing the beauty of our geographical location.

There is harmony in autumn
and a lustre in the sky,
which through the summer is not heard or seen.
(Percy Bysshe Shelly)

The Leaves of Autumn

The stifling hot summer has passed
and with its relief
Autumn knocks on its door.

Warm sunny days and evenings of chill...
(when A/C not in need)
How lovely to waken to singing of birds!
It's School Days, Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en.

Suddenly, I'm aware of the highway beauty...
wonder gazing...the Escarpment
to the north and to the west.
If an artist, on canvas painted
the hillside trees, lofting to limestone cliffs,
in flaming yellows, hot oranges, reds,
the golds, the russets and sumac's deep wine
all mottled with forest green sprinklings
of cedars, the spruce and the pines, mesmerized we'd be
with the palette of brilliant
that only Mother Nature could create!

I drive 'round bend on the high-level bridge
to marvel geography's vista!
Before my eyes, a panorama unfolds:
Burlington Bay...white sails still a-flutter;
Hamilton city's escarpment setting;
Cootes scenic,
so quiet, so peaceful, so serene;
the trees...a mosaic of colour
...they kiss the water's edge
as they descend the lush valley
from the Lilac Garden above.

A gentle breeze wafts the fluffy white clouds
drifting ever so slow 'cross pale azure skies.

“The Four Seasons”
(not only a quartet of renown)
is unique to our home on this planet.

Where else can Christmas enthrall us...
pristine snow on evergreens,
strewn coloured lights and an outdoor rink,
the icy blue of Lake and streams?
Ever been enraptured ...with the sculptures of ice
along Ontario's shore?

The Full Moon...have you viewed it
on a frigid cold night
and heard the Huskies howl?

Nature's resource delivers
unlimited Springtime balm;
the budding of pastel greens,
forsythias of golden yellow;
Spring's fleeting blossoms
forecast... their sweet juicy fruit.
A walk in the woodlands...
a shaded canopy
where the trilliums and the violets grow
on the carpeted forest floor.

We'll not overlook the Summer's haze
...and the long lazy days;
the hot dogs at Hutch's
and a stroll through fine sand;
the Lake's rippling waters;
sandals, bikinis and sun-tanned bodies;
patio parties and outdoor cafes
with weeping willow views
of the vast blue waters
where the freighters inch
to the Bridge and the Harbour.
'Tis “Cottage Country Time”
away from the sprawl.


“Mother Earth”...if we listen to her...
gives us the enjoy all seasons.
Such ecstasy it can be!

The American Indians of the Northwest
All of Nature has a Spiritual Life.

Merle Baird-Kerr    written October 18, 2010


  1. Dear Merle ,
    This posting is so eloquent and exciting I just want to go out for a hike and play in the golden leaves.... absolutely brilliant description of our Autumn Season and very soon you will be travelling to your second home in Conneticut to be with your fabulous boyfriend & see all the wonderful change of colour there !
    Enjoy your special times.... especially each other & South Pacific !
    Love to you both... xo Sherrie

  2. Wonderful comments, Sherrie...I am so grateful for your
    enjoyment and the inspiration you continually give me...these writings, hopefully, encourage readers to better view details and themselves become more aware of the "beauty" around us. Often we fail to acknowledge
    our unique location...escarpment, the lake and bay, surrounding nature and gardens, wildlife and birds.