Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Lives

    Our Lives                                                   Friendship
We,ve seen other                                                    I asked the moon...   
in desperation;                                                       I asked the sun...
we've seen each other                                            I asked the sea...
in the worst of times.                                             what friendship is.  

But now we are happy...                                        They didn't know.
our lives are plenty.                                               They weren't sure
You have your partner ~                                       but then they said,
I have my wife.                                                      "The trees might know."    

We've been blind walkers                                      So, off I went
but now we are not.                                               to find some trees
Darkness has vanished                                          and listen to the whisper
                                                                               of their leaves.  
The time has come!
At last, they're shining                                           I asked the trees,
...our lucky stars.                                                   I asked their leaves,
                                                                               I asked them all...
Pablo...this was my first poem                             what friendship is.
in English...written to Antonio;
we have been friends over 20 years                      They softly whispered,
and been through a lot together.                           "Friendship is
                                                                               two souls in one ~
FRIENDSHIP...was one                                         like you and me."
of my early poems in English.

Submitted by  Merle Baird-Kerr
September 20, 2011

I enjoy Pablo's poetry...so simply written,
yet expressing his inner sentiments.
My next posting ~ two poems addressed to his wife, Patricia.

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