Sunday, March 26, 2017

What the News Should Be!

Looking at news, whether it be television or newspaper coverage,
so many of the headlines are of negative issues.
Today's local newspaper is a sampling:
Sports Car Crash Knocks out Power on Burlington lakefront.
Mumps case in Oakville confirmed.
Blast of Snow Leads to 22-car-pileup on 403.
Alberta woman Sentenced for Drugging, Killing 9-year-old Daughter.
Police claim Cannabis Culture possibly tied to Organized Crime.
NFL Union Alarmed at Painkillers Report.

However, this headline did cause me to smile:
If you Really Love Your Beer, this is the Happiest place on Earth!”

What the News Should Be”
was sent to me by one of my faithful readers, Tom.

Gift of Shoes: Shown in a photo is a mid-aged gentleman bent down to remove his shoes and gave them to a homeless girl, who shabbily dressed, was also barefoot.

Motorcyclist Aid: He parked his bike and helped an old lady, holding her arm, across a slippery wet street at a pedestrian crossing.

Barbering Outside: On the sidewalk adjacent to plaza parking, a barber offers haircuts for the price of a single 'thank-you-hug'.

Consolation Knows No Colour: Photo of a black man with his arms around the neck and shoulder of an elderly gray-haired white man...consoling him about a tragedy that recently transpired.

Gesture for Dog Owners: A notice on the beach referred to a bin of green tennis balls from “Phoebe” with her canine photo at top of sign stating: “Please help yourself to a tennis ball for your dog to enjoy. Remember to live each moment just like your dog...with unconditional love, loyalty and happiness.”

Employee Gives Extra Service: An elderly man was pushing his grocery cart and stopped because his shoe was untied. An employee, noting the senior's dilemma, bent down and tied the shoelace for him.

New Tires on a Stranger's Vehicle: “You do not know me, but I saw that you needed some tires for your truck...I wanted to do something nice for a stranger..because one day, a stranger did the same for me. The receipt is in the envelope and all you have to do is to go by Warehouse Tire on 3rd Street and ask for Steven Hodges...and they will put them on for free. All I ask is that one day you do something nice for a stranger.”

Sign Outside a Dry Cleaners: If you are unemployed and need an outfit cleaned for an interview...we will clean and press it for you at no cost.

Help to a Rival Team: Two teens helped an injured member of the rival team (one on each side, carrying him) to score his intended field goal.

He Missed the Train: Awaiting his train, a man helped a senior lady with shopping bags, down a few steps along with her small dog on a leash. He then waited for the next subway train.

Meet Dan: Every Wednesday and Thursday, he heads to a local Cancer Center; for every patient, nurse, doctor and everyone in between...he buys from his own pocket a cup of coffee for each.

A Rain-free Sleep: A stranger, noticing a tabby kitten sleeping in the rain, gave up his umbrella (still open) and set it over the kitten to keep her dry overnight.

The Paramedics: An elderly man in my neighbourhood had a heart attack while shoveling snow in his driveway. Paramedics took him to the hospital...then returned to finish shoveling his driveway for him.


Be True to Yourself
We are often told to be kind and to speak the truth;
yet, while it is right for us to do so,
we are rarely ever told to be true to who we are
and to protect ourselves.
Give...but Don't Allow Yourself to be Used.
Trust, but Don't be Naive.
Love, but Don't Allow Your Heart to be Abused.
Speak...but Don't be Unkind in Your Words.
Believe...but Don't Trust Every Word you Hear.
Hope..but Never Expect.
Care, but Don't Neglect Yourself.
Learn...and Never Stop Learning.
(Author unknown)

Written by Merle Baird-Kerr...March 11, 2017

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