Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Positive News Today!

People get their news these days frm a variety of sources...including television, radio, magazines and the Internet. However, newspapers remain the most time-honoured medium through which news is delivered to people of all ages. I've also noted that there is much 'negative headlines' and articles that often dominate the pages of the press...even through other media.

H. L. Mencken stated, “A newspaper is a device
for making the ignorant more ignorant...and the crazy, crazier.”

It may be that a person employed by a newspaper,
whose business it is to separate the 'wheat from the chaff'...
then proceeds to see that the 'chaff' is printed.”

Regardless, more than half the world's adults
throughout the country read a paper each day!
The Hamilton Spectator, I receive daily (Monday to Saturday)
delivered to my door before the breakfast hour.
Relevant to the foregoing, I share with you positive headlines that captured my attention in today's publication. A few of these I share with you.

Paralegal Honoured: Edwardo Castro of Hamilton has been named 2017 winner of the William J. Simpson Distinguished Paralegal Award which is handed out annually by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Get Lost in Books: Burlington residents are invited to 'Get Lost in Books' at the Central Library from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday as part of a research.

Chuck Berry was a True Original: (This was an editorial appearing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Signs of Life: Dramatic colour photos by Cathie Coward and Barry Gray illustrating innovation of local Spring enjoyment. 
 A bluish and white crocus at Sunset Victory Garden
White snowdrops in a garden on Charlton Avenue
A melting snowman, losing its body shape captioned 'It's only March, but this snowman nears the end of his days.' Wednesday's high is -1C
Tamara Kajah dressed in brief red shorts, black t-shirt, cap and with inline skates hits the trail at Bayfront Park for a run in the sun with her border collie, Boston.

Hats Off: New Shipping Season launches at Port of Hamilton

Six Nations Blazing Trail for Fire Safety: (major headline on front page) with ensuing article

Strong Retail Sales Add to Economic Momentum

The Iron Man with the IQ: (referring to Bulldog's Jack Hanley)

The Men Behind the Bench: NHL's unforgettable coaches in the past 100 years

Meet Edgar: A pot-bellied pig, who is perfectly suited to a life in a finely-appointed home

Our Pulse: A weekly page of news from local schools

McCartney, Costello and the Album that Never Was: (with an article written about them)

Sweet Potato Dumplings and Spinach Gratin: (with picture and ingredients)

Duchess of Cambridge on Brexit Charm Offensive: Raises bar in the art of diplomatic power dressing during Paris visit

Feeding Station”: A painting of birds, part of The Art of Collage at Gallery on the Bay

Daily Horoscopes: Philosophies and Guidance according to the Zodiac

Crossword and Sudoku Puzzles: which I daily play...often successful in solving (some clues throwing me for a loop); other game challenges including bridge games

Whether a local paper or National, there is something for everyone.
Seek and ye shall find” is good direction!

Written by Merle Baird-Kerr...March 22, 2017

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