Friday, October 28, 2016

Aga Khan...Why You Haven't Heard of Him

Arcticle written by Sophie Kaplan...September 19, 2016
She is a Junior at The George Washington University majoring in Polical Communication. Sophie has worked for the Democratic National Committee in D.C. as a communication intern...and is a registered voter in Pennsylvania. The following are excerpts from the recent article she wrote.

There is so much more to the Muslim religion than the broken record of 'terrorism and extremism' the media perpetuates. Ismaili Muslims, for example, have a religious leader...the AGA KHAN, who is responsible for $625 million worth of philanthropic programs all across the world that nobody knows about. We should be hearing more about him.

The Aga Khan's work is newsworthy, and the media should be focusing more on the contributions of the Muslim community rather than on the small percentage of Muslims who terrorize the world.

There are several occasions where the media has exaggerated the threat that extremists pose. For example, several reporters from FOX NEWS were spreading fear and terror when it came to the Syrian Refugee situation. Andrea Tantaros described taking Islamic refugees as suicide, would be a national security threat to admit any Muslims into this country. Bill O'Reilly also suggested that allowing refugees into the United States would open the door for terrorists.

But the Migration Policy Institute says posing as a refugee is the least likely way that a terrorist would try to get into United States. If a refugee is selected to go through the migration process, they are put in contact with the FBI and go through an intense 18-24-month screening process. It does not make sense for a terrorist to seek screening by the FBI. The FBI reported that from 1980 to 2005, 94% of terror attacks were committed by non-Muslims. From this, it is clear that FOX is simply spreading misinformation.
A Huffington Post article explains that it is not only FOX NEWS that is spreading a message of Islamphobia. After the Paris attacks, CNN anchor, John Vause asked anti-Islamphobia activist, Yassen Louati, “Why is it that no one within the Muslim community there in France knew what these guys were up to?” Louati responded, “Sir, the Muslim community has nothing to do with these guys ~ nothing ~ we cannot justify ourselves for the actions of someone who claims to be Muslim.” Vause was
associating the extremists with the peaceful Muslim community and insinuating that THEY should be preventing these acts of terror.

The exposure we have to Muslims in the media is concentrated, for the most part, on the radicals. When my professor, Dr. Lee Huebner, asked a class full of politically and civic-minded students if they knew who or what the Aga Khan was, everybody shook their heads, 'No'. No one knew who he was because the media focuses on the sensational side of the Islamic religion...rather than the meaningful.

The Aga Khan is to the Ismaili Muslims
as the Pope is to the Catholics...explained Huebner.
Huebner is currently consulting for the Aga Khan Development Network.
The current Aga Khan is Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini.
The developed country he is most popular in is Canada,” Huebner said. “He gave a lecture last fall
at Harvard...and nobody thought it was newsworthy.”

The Ismailis are a modern sect of Islam and a division of the Shia Muslims.
Core beliefs of their religion are community service and pluralism.
They believe that Aga Khan is a descendant of the prophet Muhammed.

The Aga Khan serves as chairman of his Development Network which focuses on providing aid to the developing world. Each year, the Network generates electricity for 10 million people...creates programs to achieve food security for 8 million...and provides health care for 5 million.

After millions of dollars donated and lives changed, the American people still do not know who the Aga Khan is. Terror in the media overshadows all the contributions the Muslim community has to offer. The Muslim religion is misunderstood...and the first step to change the perception
has to start with the media coverage!

Many thanks to one of my ardent readers for forwarding the above to me.

Merle Baird-Kerr...written October 1, 2016


  1. A very pertinent observation. Media has to learn to offer a BALANCED view of any occurrence and not project a BIASED view e.g. when even an attack takes place by any other than a muslim how come there is no mention of the attacker's religion would that no land the possibility of barring most religions and leave the entry only to PAGANS?

  2. Shah Lakhani writes the following: "The Aga Khan is Harvard educated, very modern and moderate. His interest is philanthropy...and raising people from poverty and ignorance anywhere, regardless of colour, creed or religion.
    He is apopolitical.
    His community is educated and believe in contributing to the country they live in.

    People in Europe and most of the world know 'who is' but not in the U.S.A. Interesting!"

  3. Dear Shah Lakhani: Your comments re the foregoing mightily impressed me. Words that are very wise and sagacious! That all people(s) should be knowledgeable about Aga Khan, would be a benefit to today's world dilemma...with a brighter and happier future for all concerned.
    Graciously, I thank you for taking the time to respond with your views.