Friday, August 5, 2016

Misunderstood Pets

A photo presentation from Tom depicts animals whom 'man' fails to understand
and the poor pet is left abashed and humiliated (although joyful in his activity)
but left disgraced in the eyes of its master.

A Bathtub Scene complete with the bottom of the shower curtain ripped off. The blonde-haired Puppy, looking so disconsolate, has written a note which he leaves on the floor:
The shower curtain was too I fixed it.

Collar for Prevention: A Chi-wa-wa, very embarrassed wearing a huge, awkward colourful collar like veterinarians would place to protect an associated injury, explains: “I sneak under the my Mom makes me wear this!!!”

Lego Blocks: A Black Lab says, “I've eaten so many legos, I could poop a Star Wars ship!

Potato Hunt: A big tan-toned Hound-dog confesses, “I often break into the pantry and hide potatoes all around the house.”

Colourful Afghan: Bull dog, sitting on a bed afghan of red, green, blue and purple with crayons still on the bed, states, “I love to eat crayons and poop 'rainbows'!”

Paper Fun: Black Lab says to his best friend, “I have shamed my family,”...looking at many torn paper scraps and a ripped calendar at his feet. His Lab friend befriends him, “I probably helped!”

Christmas Destruction: A Siberian Husky with ice-blue eyes, is laying on the floor, contemplating his misdemeanour, “I ate the Baby Jesus off our Christmas Nativity scene...not looking forward to the Second Coming (literally or figuratively).”

The Force”! The Golden Lab Puppy, with great remorse, states, “Killed Yoda, I did. The 'force' was with me,” as he views Yoda, the stuffed toy shredded to pieces laying deathly at his feet.

Bathroom Prank! A big Black Lab with laughing smile on his face, says, “I stick my head through the shower curtain and lick peoples' bums while they aren't looking!”

Food Theft: A big, long-haired dog gleefully says, “I jumped into a stranger's car and stole from someone's hands, a hamburger!”

A man's false teeth are in pieces on the floor.
Dog with forlorn blue eyes says, “I ate my Dad's teeth.” Man, who is sad, yet placing his arm around his pet....consoling him, says, “I took my teeth out and left them on the end table.”

Animal Instinct Observation
It was several years ago when my daughter was heading to a Sunday equestrian day to drive her and Jean Paul to and from the stables. At home, prior to a Real Estate Open House, I placed a roast of beef in the oven on a 'timer'...prepared the vegetables and set the table. Late afternoon I brought the teens home...they played in the yard with our Husky dog for awhile. Tremendously hungry, they returned to our Family Room with Kiska while I proceeded to complete the dinner. Delicious scents wafted through the kitchen as I began to carve the meat. My door bell rang...a neighbour with whom we shared election campaigning, brought me some needed information. And guess what??? The kids and I weren't the only ones hungry and anticipating this great dinner! Kiska had reached the uncut portion of  roast beef on the counter, and clawing it with her front paws had dragged it to the floor and was hungrily engorging herself with this great feast. The kids cried...I was upset...but we managed to 'forgive and forget'. I gave the kids the few roast beef slices...and enjoyed the remaining meal.

Trunk Talk: An elephant standing in water with his trunk raised high in the air, comments to a man who is nude and shivering in shallow waters, “That's cute! Can you pick up peanuts with it?”

Lion's Boast: After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good, he started roaring to surrounding prides...until a hunter came along an shot him. The Moral?
When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut!

Finish the Job: Even the woodpecker owes his success to the fact that he uses his head...and keeps pecking away until he finished the job he started. (Coleman Cox)

Bird asks Bumblebee: “You work so hard to make the honey...and humans just take it away. Doesn't it make you feel bad?” The bee replied, “No...because they will never take from me the art of making it.” (Seen in a salon's magazine)

Penguins, so incredibly graceful underwater, yet on land, they are hilariously clumsy and still adorable in their tuxedo suits.

A Frog Cartoon states, “Sometimes, the thoughts in my head get bored...and go for a stroll through my mouth. This is never a good thing!”

Compiled by Merle Baird-Kerr...October 5, 2015
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