Thursday, June 9, 2016

Father's Day

The Discovered Mysteries of Fathers
and suggested “Gift Guide”.

Who's That Man? He's that man upon whose shoulders you rode at the zoo. That man who showed you how to swing a hammer. That man who gave you your sense of humour. He's “pop, father, daddy, dad, the old man. But there's more to him, isn't there?

He's a man with interests, passions, likes and hobbies. 
 He's a golfer, craftsman, sports nut, traveller, chef or professional hammocker. 
 Who he'll know best. What gift to affix to his Father's Day card.? 
Find something that makes you think....That's so Dad!

The Apron Man...bringing home the bacon...followed by wrapping it around pork tenderloin stuffed with apples, dried cranberries and spinach. This is the recipe of a dad who appreciates cuisine, intricacy and the importance of family dinner. For him...a gift that enhances a meal!

The Botanical Man: Before Facebook and Googling, a man's front yard was how others got a sense of him. Your dad still believes this. Pruning, planting, watering and mowing is how he spends his weekend. And, enjoyably so! He's a dad who knows the feeling of earth between his fingers...give something that complements his passion!

The Handy Man...wrenches, pliers, saws, chisels, drills. For some men, “tools” isn't isn't a computer menu bar option. Tools are actually tools...made of metal, wood and sharp edges. Put one in his calloused hands and he can build or fix anything. To these dads, a gift made by a like-minded craftsman is one he'll proudly accept and place on his bar, which he probably constructed!

The Trophy Man: No, he's not your mother's arm caddy. Instead, he's the dad who turned Mom's spare bedroom into a trophy case. Because of him, you can throw a football straight, ski a Double Black Diamond and never lost a school yard game of...”Oh, yeah, my dad can...”

The Hammock Man: That cloud looks like an elephant driving a car. Should I get off this recliner to answer the phone? These (or ones very similar) are the weekend thoughts of a dad who has figured out how to enjoy life with his feet up. For him...a gift that pairs well with a slow Sunday afternoon or long conversation is a gift carefully chosen.

The Thinking Man: A book on his bedside table...the crossword completed (without the help of the Internet)...a corduroy blazer with elbow patches. These are telltale of an intellectual man. A gift that can hold its own next to a thickening storyline or political debate is proof, some of dad's intellect trickled down a generation.

The Reel Man: Not clubs on Saturday nights, but bait shops on Sunday mornings. Not rooftop hot tubs, but sitting in a bush or boat waiting for something to move. That's the wild life some men are drawn to. Dads of this nature value the “hunt and the effort.” A gift, patiently and carefully sought wouldn't go unnoticed.

The Dashing Man...Paris, Milan; the grocery matter where your father is, he's the best-dressed man there. He has an eye for beautiful clothes, sharp grooming and gorgeously designed things. All reasons why a gift that highlights artistry and aesthetics is one he'll be excited to add to his collection.

The Encore Man: If you're asking, “Is my dad rock 'n roll?” He isn't. You'd the hair on his head, the leather in his closet, the records in his basement and the look on his face when he hears music from the millennium. Rock 'n roll is about loudness. A gift for your dad needs to be bold.

The Boarding Pass Man: Men with an unusual amount of pushpins in their map of places been...or peculiar collection of hotel slippers under their bed at experiences. A gift that tests his boundaries will be a weekend adventure...and one he'll savour and share with friends who visit from far-away places.

The Old School Man: Tastes, Perspectives, Hairstyles...for some men, these things don't waver. It's the “if it ain't broke...” philosophy to life. A gift that beckons a time when things weren't done right and a quarter could still buy you something, will put a smile on his face...even if it's something dad hasn't seen before.

The Impossible Man: Whiskey or rum or socks with the gift receipt tucked into the box??? What to get the dad who keeps his likes guarded requires a different route. Give him an experience...perhaps to shop with a “Gift Card”. That may be the gift that suits him best.

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Merle Baird-Kerr...crafted June 24, 2013
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