Friday, October 16, 2015

Praise to the Jays!

A Wild Crazy Way to Win”
stated Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press
about the 5th and final game of the series against the Texas Rangers.

As an ardent Toronto Blue Jays fan, I state that it was
the Toronto Blue Jays' team effort ~ with a 25-man roster!

General Manger, Alex Anthopoulos, had over this past year rebuilt the team, engineering incoming players, not only of skill, but of personalities that would 'gel with the existing gung-ho players' the clubhouse and on-field play...each contributing to the success of games to be played.

John Gibbons, Manager of the team took these pieces (as in a jig-saw puzzle) and assembled them game by game to be played...with 'moves' of various players from one position to another as needed.

Step One was winning the American Baseball East Division
Step Two was the best of 5 games against the Texas Rangers. With 'home advantage' the first two games were played in Toronto...unfortunately the Jays lost both...then went to Arlington, Texas to play the next two with a MUST to win each game to tie the series. The fifth and deciding game was back in Toronto at Rogers Centre...this being the game to which Neil Davidson referred, “A Wild Crazy Way to Win!” There were controversial plays that demanded “Video Replay” before final decisions were accepted regarding...weird in-field plays rarely seen, It was a total 'bench clearing' incident by both teams when a Ranger run was 3-1 with the Jays were behind in the score.

Quite irate over the decisions and angry 50,000 fans in the stadium, the Jays came to the plate at the bottom of the 7th inning determined to overcome and win this game! The expertise of the Texas Rangers 'became unglued' with 3 infield errors allowing 2 Jays players on base. Jose Bautista hit a Home Run into the upper deck giving Jays the lead. Leaving 'home plate', he flipped his bat before running the 4 bases. Edwin Encarnacion, one of the Jays' sluggers, also hit a home run with Toronto Blue Jays winning the score was 6-3! It was Toronto's first playoff win since Joe Carter's Home Run secured the 1993 World Series.
Later, when interviewed about his 'tossed bat'. Jose stated,
I really can't remember what went through my mind after I made contact.
I didn't plan anything I did (except to watch for my pitch).
I knew I did something great for the team at the moment of ball/bat impact.

Russell Martin, Blue Jays catcher, stated after the game,
That umpiring crew did a great job...amidst turmoil,
playing by the book rules very seldom applied.”

The Toronto Blue Jays benefitted from some sparkling fielding by Kevin Pillar, Ryan Goins and Josh Donaldson. Offensively, they benefitted by home runs from Encarnacion and Bautista and a bunt single. Basically, they won by superb play both at the plate and on field.

Neil Davidson concluded by saying, “Baseball Karma was delivered to Toronto
in a wild 6-3 win over the Texas Rangers on Wednesday.”

The Blue Jays' Attitude has always been Positive!
Win This Game Today! And One Game at a Time!

In the words of Josh Donaldson (Third Base) when being interviewed,

Of the Blue Jays' success, Alex Anthopoulos said,
Making the playoffs as a wild card team would have been 'wild card success'.
Winning the Division was a 'dog fight' and it feels more rewarding than anything else.
In a playoff series, anything can happen ~ teams can slump.
No matter what happens from this point forward, we've already achieved great things. Do we want to win the World Series? We all do! Our organization has come so far and I'm satisfied with what we've done. We win one game at a time.”
Michael Friscolanti said about Alex on October 15, 2015
The Jays General Manager may never sleep,
but it does not stop him from dreaming.

Step 3 begins today, one step closer to the World Series:
The Toronto Blue Jays play a series of games with the Kansas City Royals for the American League Championship. They play the first two games in Kansas. The following three games will be played at Rogers Centre in Toronto on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if needed to establish the championship team to represent the American Baseball League against the National Baseball League winner.

Step 4: The World Series.

Written by Merle Baird-Kerr...October 16, 2015
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    " Hello, dear Tia. I had the pleasure to have been in Canada when the Blue Jays won the World Series for the very first time.
    I remember the big celebration. Everybody was Super Happy!"

  2. Yes, Jimmy I well recall you visiting us at that time prior to your return to Chile. We were all delighted to share "Canada with you" you great memories. Thanks greatly for your comment.