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Aiding Refugees

Decisions made upon given facts may not always be prudent ~ frequently there are unknown facts that would warp our judgment and result in massive destruction ~ like a time bomb, awaiting its explosion or hopefully if discovered, to be defused. This morning I received from one of my readers:

Trying to Help These Refugees with Food and Water!
This is frightening and the media are not showing this side of it. All we get is the emotional blackmail stuff. These people are refusing food from the Red Cross because it has a Christian symbol on it. Most of them are fanatics and a lot are terrorists. One of the camps in Germany was beside a beer garden and they were demanding the Germans close the garden because drinking was against their religion.
They are nuts and want the whole world to have sharia law.
Watch several of these videos to get an idea of what we can expect in a few weeks or months:,/watch?v=SRh10Xqv5Rc
Refugees, really? They may not be ISIS fighters, but they may be...and they are followers of Islam.
We infidels are stupid for trying to help them. (I've not verified the above media message.)

My Son's Opinion re the foregoing: I have seen much of this ~ they are rioting in France and Germany and protesting in England. Europe has been overrun with Muslims in the distant past and had to resort to military aggression to drive them out. They are not called 'barbarians' for nothing. They believe very much in submitting to the law, but only when the law in question is 'shariah'. They constantly play upon sympathies and take full advantage of compassionate generosity, exploiting it when they can.

Germany will quickly get to the point where they have only two options: Give up their country and their civilization and submit to Islamic them out militarily while they still can. That, of course, does make for a strange situation in Germany, ringing bitterly of 75 years ago. Within the next decade, Germany will be driven to that point.

As it is, the average indigenous birthrate throughout Europe is less than two. The minimum sustainable birthrate for any civilization is 2.11. When your population shrinks, it wrecks havoc on economy. You must either change family policies to encourage healthy internal family growth...or compensate the loss with immigration. If you immigrate from a country with a western-like civilization, or close enough, you can make reasonable expectation of integration with your society. Americans, for example living in Canada are highly compatible. Australians living in England are highly compatible. Germans or French living in Canada are sufficiently compatible. Even the Japanese do not present a problem. But, if you immigrate Muslims (any Muslims from anywhere) they will present a problem when their numbers start to swell. And the average birthrate among Muslims living in Europe is 8.1. Within just a few generations, the birthrate alone will overtake civilization.
Right now, the south of France is dominated by Muslims. It is at the brink of Civil War
which is already starting to erupt in other parts of Europe.

Immigration Canada
(posted by Rukhsana Khan)
Sometimes it amazes me that people can look past other people's differences, seeing the humanity behind them. I find it fascinating that as societies, communities, we develop a certain collective consciousness, where, even though we might have some conflicts, we're a cohesive whole. Along come some outsiders...and at first, they're viewed with mistrust and suspicion. And yet, there are always some people who are willing to buck convention and be nice to the newcomers.

Speaking for Canada, there was a strong reason that Canada opened its doors to immigration in the early 1900's. There's a strong reason why we're such a multi-cultural nation. Canada is a vast land mass, with a huge, very powerful neighbour to the south. Canada, afraid of being overwhelmed, needed more people. And so they opened the doors to immigration to settle the west. They wanted people who would blend in, assimilate and basically they wanted white people.

Right after the Second World War, even though they'd fought with Germans, German nationals were quickly considered non-threatening and allowed into the country...even before Jewish refugees from Europe were allowed entry. People don't emigrate from their country unless there are strong reasons. There are 3 basic reasons: economics, security and opportunity for their children. Now that Europe was stabilized, there was less immigration from the white countries and so Canada had to open the door to other less desirables. It wasn't until 1963 that Canada opened the door to non-white immigrants. The only ones allowed into the country were skilled labourers, people who'd work hard. Assimilation was assured. And in return, these labourers would contribute taxes to the national coffers.

Now, immigrants are often highly-skilled people looking for opportunity. (The exception would be refugees from war-torn-countries.) When immigrants arrive, they have to set up homes, they buy stuff and they often bring in wealth from their homelands. This stimulates local economy. And the taxes they pay, help pay for services. These immigrants actually represent a 'brain drain' from their home countries, because the brightest and most educated are often the first to leave for 'greener pastures'.

And right now, with the advent of the birth control pill, the local populations of Western countries are not having enough children. Therefore, without immigration, the aging population and the social security entitlements that go with them, would have no tax base to support them, so immigration is necessary to keep the tax machine oiled smoothly.
What people don't realize is that immigrants will often work harder
and for less money than any of the locals.
There are many a taxi driver that has a fact multiple PHd's. I met one in Vancouver who told me his life story ~ how he'd hopped around from country to country, finally settling in Vancouver. He liked the climate there ~ but still wished he could use his education.

Why Does Canada Accept Refugees?
As the Syrian civil war drags into its 4th year...and with nearly 3.25 million Syrians currently registered with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)***, Canada recently announced it will accept 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next 3 years. This decision is among a long list of Canadian responses to 'global refugee crises'. Canada has admitted 1.2 million refugees since the end of World War II.

In the 1970's and 80's, Canada responded to various refugee crises by admitting refugees from such countries as China (Tibet), Uganda, Chile, Lagos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Between 2009 and 2013, Canada granted permanent residence status to 122,486 refugees ~ which includes refugees resettled from abroad, successful in-land refugee claimants and the family members of refugees.

***Recognizing Canada's refugee protection efforts, in 1986 UNHCR awarded the “Nansen Refugee Award” to “the people of Canada” for their major and sustained contribution to the cause of refugees.
This remains the only time UNHCR has ever awarded the honour
to an entire nation.”
(Written by Kareem El-Assal ~ Research Associate,
Education and Immigration Industry and Business Strategy.)

Merle Baird-Kerr...written September 23, 2015

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