Sunday, February 16, 2014

When Storms Are Cast Upon Us by "Mother Nature"

If we did not sometimes taste of adversity,
prosperity would not seem so welcome!

(Thank you, Tom for the following diary writing)

Home Sweet Home

August 12:  Moved into our new home in Ontario.  It is so beautiful here. The hills and river valleys are so picturesque.  I have a beautiful old oak tree in my front yard.  Can hardly wait to see the change in the seasons.

October 14:  Ontario is such a gorgeous place to live, one of the real special places on Earth.  The leaves are turning a multitude of different colours; I love all of the shades or reds, oranges and yellows.
They are so bright, I want to walk through all the beautiful hills and spot some white tail deer.  
 They are so graceful...certainly they must be the most peaceful creatures on Earth.  This must be paradise.

November 11:  Deer season opens this week.  I can't imagine why anyone would want to shoot these elegant animals.  They are the symbol of peace and tranquility here in Ontario.  I hope it snows soon.  I love it here!

December 2:  It snowed last night.  I woke to the usual wonderful sight; everything covered in a lovely blanket of white.  The oak tree is looks like a postcard.  We went out and swept the snow from the steps and driveway.  The air is so crisp, clean and refreshing.  We had a snowball fight.  I won...and the snowplow came down the street.  He may have gotten too close to the driveway because we had to go out and shovel the end of the driveway again.  What a beautiful place!  Nature in harmony
and I love it here.

December 12:  More snow last night.  I love it!  The plow did his cute little trick again.  What a rascal.  A winter wonderland.  I love it here!


December 21:  More of that white s___ coming down.  I've got blisters on my hands and a kink in my back.  I think that the snowplow driver waits around the corner until I'm done shovelling the driveway!

December 25:  White Christmas?  More freakin' snow!  If I ever get my  hands on the sonofa____ who drives the snowplow, I swear I'll castrate him.  And why don't they use more salt on these roads to melt this miserable crap?

December 28:  It hasn't stopped snowing since Christmas.  I have been inside since then, except of course when that SOB “Snowplow Harry” comes by.  Can't go are buried up to the windows.  Weatherman says to expect another 10 inches.  Do you have any idea how many shovelfuls 10 inches is?

January 1:  Happy New Year?  The way it's coming down, it won't melt by 4th of July!  The snowplow got stuck down the road and the s___head actually had the balls to come and ask to borrow a shovel.  I told him I'd broken 6 already this season!

January 4:  Finally got out of the house.  We went to the store to get some food and a god____deer ran out in front of my car and I  hit the bastard!  It did $3,000 damage to the car.  Those beasts ought to be killed.  The hunters should have a longer season, if you ask me.

January 27:  Warmed up a little and rained today.  The rain turned the snow into ice and the weight of it broke the main limb of my oak tree in the front yard and it went straight through the roof.  I should have cut that old piece of s___ into fireplace wood when I had the chance!

April 23:  Finally, took my car to the local garage.  Would you believe the whole underside is rusted away from all that d___ salt they dump on the road?  Car now looks like a  heap of rusted cow s___!

May 10:  Sold the car, the house and moved to Florida.  I can't imagine why anyone in their freakin' mind would ever want to live in the God-forsaken Province of Ontario!

The mind is the source of Happiness and Unhappiness!

It Was a Dark, Stormy Night

They were alone in the house.  It was a cold, dark stormy night.  The storm had come up quickly and each time the thunder boomed, he watched her jump.  She looked across the room and admired his strong appearance and wished that he would take her in his arms, comfort her and protect her from the storm...she wanted that.  Then, the power went out.  She screamed.

He raced to the sofa where she was cowering.  He did not hesitate to pull her into his strong arms.  He knew this was a forbidden union and expected her to pull back.  He was surprised when she didn't resist  but instead, clung to him.  The storm raged did their growing passion and there came a moment  when each knew that they had to be together.  They knew it was wrong ~ their families would not understand, but ….......

So consumed in their passion, they did not hear the door or the click of the light switch...the power was back on.  Astonished, they were discovered, embracing with arms around each other...for he was the family bulldog...and she was the female tabby!

(Author Unknown)

Pearl of Wisdom
We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves happy.
The amount of work is the same.
(Carlos Castenada ~ Peruvian born American author.)

Merle Baird-Kerr...scripted February 6, 2014
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