Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ultimate Canadian Geography Quiz

How often do you, when in waiting room of doctor, dentist, barbershop, lawyer, business office or salon, pick up a magazine to glance through to sort of 'kill the waiting time'?  Yesterday, when in the laundry room of our Senior's residence, I waited for the washers to do their job and the dryers to spin with scented fabric softener sheets and warmth.  On the folding table were several of which was an October 2013 issue of Canadian Geographic...always of interest to me to read!  Inserted in the magazine were “60 Questions designed to truly test your geo IQ.”  Must confess that I was only able to answer a few of them correctly.  For your appeal I test you with 21 Questions of those given to me…answers I place at the end which may increase your interest and knowledge of our great country.

From treasure maps to smart phone apps, geography makes sense of our world by describing locations, patterns and relationships of the Earth's natural and social systems ~ both past and present.  Canadian Geographic's editors and with the help of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and other experts compiled this ultimate Canadian geography quiz to truly test you.

Land and Sea: Nova Scotia is made up of at least four ancient continents.  True or False?

What is the largest fresh water island in the world?

Canada has the world's longest coastline. In fact, it has about 25% of all coastline on Earth. How long is it in kilometres?   40,075.....54,716.....243,792.....384,403

Is Hamilton, Ontario closer to the North Pole or the Equator?

Landmarks: The world’s longest covered bridge is in Canada.  Where?

Called TURCOTT’S FOLLY by some, this roughly 9-metre-tall Northern Ontario roadside attraction cost $4,000 when it was created in 1960.  What is it?

Name the three waterfalls at Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Nature: Name the only species of the deer family in which the females have antlers.

What bird makes the longest animal migration in the world?

Weather:   In which Province or Territory is Canada’s driest place?

In what Province do students lose the most time due to stormy winter weather?

In campaigns to lure European immigrants to the West, the Canadian government in 1896 forbade the use of which of these words in official literature?  Winter…..Storms…..Bears…..Cold

Neighbours:  Which of the following countries is nearest to Canada’s landmass?  Mexico     Bahamas….Russia…..Norway

Since 1908, the International Boundary Commission has been responsible for keeping the Canada-U.S. border deforested.  What’s the width in metres of this tree-free strip?  0.5…..2…..6…..1,000

Places:  Which Province has the greatest population density?

The only golf club in North America that does not allow male members, is in what town or city?

History:  What was once known as The Medicine Line?

What was officially opened at Rogers Pass, British Columbia on September 3, 1962?

What was Kitchener, Ontario called prior to the First World War?  Hanover…..Berlin…..Innsbruck

Which Province was the first to grant women the right to vote?

What name did the Vikings give to Newfoundland (and technically speaking, to all of North America)?

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News Flash…from my Corner of the World
(at least ‘news’ to me)

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Answers to 21 Question Quiz:
Land and Sea:    True…..Manitoulin Island, Ontario…..243,792 km…..the Equator by roughly 215 km.
Landmarks:     Hartland, New Brunswick
                       The Wawa Goose
              Only the Horseshoe Falls on the right is soley in Ontario, Canada. The American Falls and Bridal  Falls are in New York State, U.S.
Nature:     Caribou…..Arctic Tern
Weather:    Nunavut…..Prince Edward Island…..Cold
Neighbours:     Norway…..6 metres
Places:     Prince Edward Island…..Toronto (Ladies Golf Club of Toronto)
History:     The 49th Parallel…..The Trans-Canada Highway…...Berlin…..Manitoba…..Vinland

Sunniva Sorby…Outdoor adventurer and youth advocate states:
I am a firm believer that geography and our understanding
of other  people , rituals, places and cultures
breed respect for our differences.

Compiled by Merle Baird-Kerr…October 22, 2013
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  1. A reader wrote: "Thanks for the quiz. I got 11 right...I would
    hope that most people got close to that. It pays to have lived
    and travelled our great country so much. I forgot that Greenland
    belonged to Iceland...bummer!

  2. Your comment is greatly appreciated. Congratulations for your 11 correct answers. Out of the original 60 questions...I was able to answer about 20.