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"Turning Points"

 The Kaleidoscope

Just as the colours and shapes change to many different combinations  in a kaleidoscope ~ so do all aspects of our lives.  These aspects also intertwine and merge in different combinations throughout life...bringing new people into our circles and new experiences that affect our emotional reactions. 

From a Summer Activity booklet published in an eastern American state, I recently read the following poignant article about “Turning Points” which I share with you. Life often presents us with challenges!  The following is one which most of us overlook.

As we go through life, we reach many Turning Point moments.  From the very beginning of our lives, starting with birth, our engagement, our wedding and then it all begins again with the next generation.
Or does it?  Most of us take a lot of life's precious moments for granted.  In fact, we sometimes may even take life itself for granted.  The natural progression of life is marriage followed by a child.  And then another...and our very own family is being built.  But, it is not for everyone.

For many couples, the blessing of a child is a “Turning Point” they have trouble reaching.  This is not for lack of trying ~ they may now be given the challenge of dealing with infertility.  They suffer in silence and in depression before seeking medical knowledge and assistance.

While most people sit in a pediatrician's waiting room,
these people are consulting with fertility specialists.

While most people are shopping for clothing for their children,
these couples are shopping for insurance companies,
looking to relieve some of the financial burden of fertility treatments.

These couples are not unknown strangers ~ they are our siblings, our friends, neighbours and co-workers.  Just close your eyes for a moment and think: and you will find that you know more childless couples than you dared imagine!  The shocking statistics is...1 in every 6 couples is faced with infertility issues.  The lives of these couples are consumed by Doctors' visits, hospital stays and laboratory tests.  The procedures are difficult and energy-depleting.  The price tag for these procedures may be astronomical ~ even thousands of dollars!

What are the options? 
Must they resign themselves to a “life without children?”
Many couples seek adoption of children from local agencies.
Many couples seek adoption from agencies in other areas of North America.
Others seek adoption from other countries abroad ~ some of these doors are now closed.
There is still a high cost involved.

In a recent Jewish article re this medical challenge, is written:  “Hope is another plan now.  Bonei Olam is there for couples.  It was conceived and created by a group of highly motivated people…they were couples who were struggling with infertility themselves and therefore understood the great physical, emotional and financial burdens it involved.
                                   CREATING WORLDS is what this organization is all about.
 (Thousands of people, according to this article have already been helped through efforts of Bonei Olam.) “ Over 4000 children have been born to Bonei Olam-assisted couples,” quotes Kein Yirbul.

Philosophical Words

Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope ~
a slight change and all the patterns alter.
(Susan Salzburg).

Crafted by Merle Baird-Kerr…June 29, 2013
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